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Mid-Season Invitational 2022 Rumble Stage Power Rankings

21.05.2022, 08:40

As we move into the Rumble Stage of MSI 2022, it is time to look at the power rankings of the six remaining teams in the tournament.

2022Korea, Busan, Exhibition & Convention Center
$250,000Prize Pool
Royal Never Give Up
2nd Place
G2 Esports
3rd Place

The Rumble Stage at MSI 2022 will continue for four days from May 20th to May 24th, 2022. Six world’s best LoL teams will duke it out in Bo1 matches using the Double Round-Robin format (where each team plays each other twice).

The four best teams advance to the event’s final playoffs phase known as the Knockout Stage, and the two bottom teams are out of the South Korean event.

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6. Saigon Buffalo

Saigon BuffaloVietnam
1Lose streak
38%30 d. winrate

The return of the VCS region has been a refreshing look on the international scene. Saigon Buffalo has exceeded expectations by qualifying for the Rumble Stage but defeating the likes of Detonation FocusMe and Team Aze. Still, it is pretty unlikely that they will be able to push through to the bracket stage.

5. Evil Geniuses

Evil GeniusesUnited States
2Win streak
86%30 d. winrate

North America’s rookie squad has had a mediocre performance during their MSI 2022 run. Failing to take a win against G2 Esports four times and going undefeated against a weak ORDER team, jojopyun and his squad will need to go back to the drawing board if they want to have a chance to qualify for the bracket stage.

4. PSG Talon

PSG TalonHong Kong
1Lose streak
67%30 d. winrate

The PCS representative has had a lot of international experience, and they will be looking to use that in the Rumble Stage. After their shaky start to their MSI 2022 campaign, they will be looking to prove the doubts wrong about their newly assembled roster and claim a spot in the semifinals. All they have to do is perform better than the weaker teams left in the tournament.

3. G2 Esports

G2 EsportsGermany
2Lose streak
57%30 d. winrate

It was pretty tricky to rank the three strongest teams left in MSI 2022, and I believe any of these teams are strong enough to lift the trophy this year. G2 Esports was undefeated and swept their group 8 – 0. Despite this, they almost lost two games against Evil Geniuses due to poor mid-round calls, which could impact them when they play against RNG or T1 in the Rumble Stage.

2. Royal Never Give Up (RNG)

Royal Never Give UpChina
2Win streak
80%30 d. winrate

The returning MSI champions have shown their dominance in their group. Going undefeated and making every game look easy against the best teams in the world. Although some might argue that they had the easiest group stage, I do not doubt that RNG will make it to the semifinals at MSI 2022.

1. T1

1Win streak
83%30 d. winrate

Faker’s return to the international scene has been a delight. He plays for the South Korean crowd for the first time in his career; the MSI title seems to be written in the books for the winningest organization in LoL history. With the roster stating that they have been picking champions that they want to play on Summoners Rift against the best teams in the world, T1 is expected to move on to the semifinals stage.

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