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KT Rolster vs Hanwha Life Esports Match Prediction LCK Summer Split 2022

20.07.2022, 17:53

Week six of the LCK has just started, and we are entering a very important part of the season.

Summer 2022Korea, Seoul, LoL Park
$297,000Prize Pool
2nd Place
Liiv Sandbox
3rd Place

The playoffs are not that far, so the next couple of games will be decisive to see which teams make it to the playoffs, and how the seeding will turn out.

Fredit BRION vs DRX and Nongshim RedForce vs ⁠DWG KIA were the matches on day 1, with T1 vs ⁠Kwangdong Freecs opening day 2.

KT Rolster vs ⁠Hanwha Life match will be the one we will analyze in this article.

Let’s get right into the prediction of KT Rolster vs ⁠Hanwha Life without further ado.

KT Rolster vs ⁠Hanwha Life


While KT Rolster is looking to secure a playoff spot, Hanwha Life is trying to turn around their season which so far hasn’t been great, as the team is currently in ninth place with a 1-9 record.

At this point in the competition, every victory is important, especially if you want to secure your playoff spot or guarantee a higher seed in the playoff bracket.

KT Rolster knows that, and they come from two very important wins, and will for sure want to increase their streak to three.

Since adding Vicla to the starting lineup the squad has found some success and is in a great position to make it to the playoffs.

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They have an ok early game, with a gold deficit of -121 at the 15 minute mark, but have a +11 gold per minute differential until the same minute mark.

When it comes to the first blood and first tower percentage, they are both in the 50%.

But recently their early game has been improving a lot, you can expressively see that on game three versus DRX, where KT Rolster managed to create a very good early game lead, and in the mid-game with some good macro play, and playing the team fights really well, closed out the game without a problem.

Individually the players have also been performing well recently. With Aiming looking like a superstar player and being clearly the best performing player on the team currently, as well as Cuzz and Vicla putting on solid performances.

In the mid-game, and especially when it comes to team fights around objectives KT Rolster has proved to be a very good team, having a good macro game, great cross-map plays, and not being afraid of searching fights when they know they have the advantage, as well as being good at executing those fights.

Around objectives such as the Drake, or Baron KT Rolster is very good at gaining control of the river and the pit, forcing the enemy team to basically come into them, and dictating how the team fight will occur.

⁠Hanwha Life has a very difficult task in front of them. They are going to face a team with a lot of momentum and that knows that every win is important in order to achieve their goals.

It’s safe to say this split hasn’t gone as the organization and squad would have wanted.

Despite still being mathematically possible for Hanwha Life to make the playoffs I think everyone agrees that it won’t happen, especially because they would have to defeat teams such as T1, Gen.G, and DWG KIA.

When it comes to their stats, their early game is the second worst in the league, with an average gold deficit of 1k, and a deficit in all the parameters, from cs differential to gold differential per minute, and even have a negative kill to deaths per game ratio.

It’s safe to say that Hanwha Life is not a good League of Legends team at the moment.

As a team, they don’t play well, and individually you don’t have anyone that looks clearly like the best player in the team, and that can maybe win them a game.

My bet on the team
KT Rolster
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It’s going to be hard for Hanwha Life to win this series, and I think that if KT Rolster continues to play like they have been playing in the past two weeks they should win this series.

But this is League of Legends so anything can happen.

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