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Fredit BRION vs DRX Match Prediction LCK Summer Split 2022

18.07.2022, 16:00

Week six of the LCK is just around the corner, and we are entering a very important part of the season.

Summer 2022Korea, Seoul, LoL Park
$297,000Prize Pool
2nd Place
Liiv Sandbox
3rd Place

The playoffs are not that far, so the next couple of games will be decisive to see which teams make it to the playoffs, and how the seeding will turn out.

Fredit BRION vs DRX  is the first match of the week and will be the one we are going to analyze in this article.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the prediction of Fredit BRION vs DRX.

Fredit BRION vs DRX Match Prediction


DRX started the season with a very hot run, but right now the squad comes from three straight losses, and things haven’t looked great for the team recently.

As for Fredit BRION, they are in last place tied with Hanwha Life Esports who also has a 1-9 score. 

If there is a game for DRX to bounce back from this bad form it’s this one.

With a 5-5 record, every win is very important for DRX if they want to make the playoffs, while Fredit BRION is just playing spoiler for the remainder of the split.

Fredit BRION early game is the worst in the league, with the team having an average gold deficit of 1.2k at the 15-minute mark.

Even if you aren’t a great early game team, you need to at least be a solid one, and with such a big deficit in the early game, it’s very hard for you to reach the mid-game or late game in a situation where you can still win the game.

Their first tower percentage is also the lowest in the league at 14.3%, and the first blood one is also only 38%.

Watching this team play is not exciting, it seems they are afraid to create plays and pull the trigger, and that means that in most of the games they just slowly bleed out.

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DRX is a much better early game team than Fredit BRION, even though their early game is not amazing.

They have an average gold lead of 558, which means they have a decent early game.

With a first tower percentage of 54.2%, and 50% first blood DRX can actually find a lead in the early game, even though they prefer not to risk much, go even in the early game, or at least don’t fall that far behind, and then in the mid-game is where they shine.

DRX is good at fighting around objectives, and when they are ahead in the game they play it by the book.

When it comes to the draft DRX is also a more flexible team than Fredit BRION.

Despite playing more late-game-oriented champions, and normally opting to have a good late-game team fight composition.

Deft and Zeka are the main carries of the team, and even when the team loses they perform at a good level.

Fredit BRION is not as flexible as DRX. Or let’s put it this way, they play a lot of champions but most of them are not played at a high level.

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On paper, DRX is a much better team, and from what they have shown this Split they are heavy favorites in this match.

Their team fighting around objectives will make the difference in my opinion.

Add to that the fact that Fredit BRION is the worse early game team, DRX should have a comfortable time finding plays in the early game and finishing the game in the mid-game with some great team fights.

DRX also knows this is a must-win game, so I expect them to come with everything to secure this series.

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