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G2 Esports vs Team BDS Match Prediction LEC Summer 2022

24.06.2022, 15:00

Team BDS will contest G2 Esports on Friday in their fourth game of the LEC 2022 Summer season. The league has been underway since 17 June, 2022, and will end on 14 August, 2022. It follows a double round robin format with 10 teams participating in it before heading into a playoffs round where only the top-6 can qualify. The matches are best of one.

Summer 2022Germany, Berlin, LEC Studio
$206,000Prize Pool

G2 Esports were the winners of the Spring season, whereas Team BDS were second from bottom in the table last season.

G2 Esports vs Team BDS Match Prediction

1BDS EsportSwitzerland
0G2 EsportsGermany

G2 Esports Should Run Away With This Match

G2 Esports did not have the best league season last time out. They won 11 of their 18 games in the league, which was more than enough to get them a playoff spot but it was their playoff run that was truly impressive.

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Despite losing to Fnatic in the winner’s bracket match, they went on this incredible run. They dispatched Team Vitality, Misfits Gaming, Fnatic and Rogue. Not only were the wins quite impressive, it was the manner in which they won those games that shook everyone. They won these matches by a score of 3-0. They didn’t drop a round. It was dominance of the highest order.

Key to that was their Bot Laner, Flakked. He has averaged 4.05 kills, 1.76 deaths, 5.95 assists and a KDA of 5.69 this year. They have some other members who aren’t too bad either.

Team BDS Have Looked Hapless

Team BDS look no better than they did last time out. Their saving grace last time out was Astralis, who were somehow worse. BDS only won four of their matches in the league last time out and it doesn’t look like they’re going to get a win for some time. A game against G2 Esports was always around the corner and they could either go into this match dreading it or go into it knowing there’s nothing to lose and hoping for small improvements.

They’ll hope that their Mid Laner, NUCLEARINT, will have a good showing. He has averaged 2.81 kills, 3.28 deaths, 4.71 assists and a KDA of 3.16. They’ll need a lot more than that to get something in this match.

G2 Esports vs Team BDS Betting Prediction

This match has a G2 Esports win written all over it. The question is if G2 will go easy or look to humiliate. It’s a real David vs Goliath encounter and I can’t see the small guy winning this one.

My bet on the team
G2 Esports
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G2 Esports are as safe a bet as it gets.

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