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G2 Esports vs Astralis Match Prediction LEC Summer 2022

21.07.2022, 15:04

I would have been hard-pressed to call this a close match two weeks ago, but G2’s tremendous fall since then has made it so that despite being spring champions, they are nowhere near being strong favorites in this fixture against Astralis.

G2 Esports vs Astralis Match Prediction

1G2 EsportsGermany

G2 Esports

G2 EsportsGermany
1Lose streak
80%30 d. winrate

G2 Esports have the best kills per game average right now, with 15.1. I’d wager that some of those kills are of neutrals, such as myself, who follow this tournament and have died of amusement from time to time while following this team’s fortunes.

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They began the season in barnstorming fashion, picking up three wins and climbing right to the top of the table, where their reputation as reigning spring champions was given a bit of extra polish. Having achieved those heights early in the season, they began week 2 with a loss to Team BDS. Since then, they’ve won only one match, and Team BDS haven’t looked close to winning another. It is now four losses in a row for G2 Esports, to quantify it, a streak that is better only than BDS’ own five losses in a row.

There is time, yet, to remedy things. They sit in eighth place at the moment, but have a healthy average K/D ratio of 1.18, which is third best in the league. Their gold differential hasn’t suffered too much either, but they have had trouble early on in games where it seems to have become easy to pin them in the lanes – a first blood percentage of 11.1% is extremely poor on their part, particularly when all four of their wins this season have come when they’ve been ahead at the 15-minute mark. They need to quickly find a way to play to that strength again.


3Lose streak
-30 d. winrate

Astralis were the first team that G2 beat this season, in the very first round, but have now managed to get level with them on wins. Should they manage to reverse the result from game 1, they have a golden chance to put a lot more distance between themselves and G2 – perhaps even start the ouster of the spring champions. For what it’s worth, they showed they can compete against the “big” names when they began last weekend with a win against Excel Esports, but it’s the follow-up that will make or break their bid to still be in this tournament after the round robin stage.

G2 Esports vs Astralis Betting Prediction

My bet on the team
G2 Esports
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This one is a little difficult to call; should we back G2 Esports to bring it all together after a serious wake-up call and play like champions again, or are they still soft enough for Astralis to think of yet another upset? Astralis have been the team that start off better in their games, but I’m willing to take a risky shot on G2 sorting themselves out and upping their paltry first blood rating.

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