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Fnatic vs Astralis Match Prediction LEC Summer 2022

01.07.2022, 10:09

Fnatic will face Astralis on Friday in their sixth game of the LEC 2022 Summer season. The league has been underway since 17 June, 2022, and will end on 14 August, 2022. It follows a double round robin format with 10 teams participating in it before heading into a playoffs round where only the top-6 can qualify. The matches are best of one.

The two sides were on opposite ends of the table last time out but things have changed for Astralis, who are currently sitting alongside the elite.

Fnatic vs Astralis Match Prediction


Fnatic look a bit patchy at the moment

Fnatic were one of the top teams in LEC 2022 Spring season and will be hoping to get over the line this time around. They were second in the league table last year with 13 wins and just five losses. They looked like they might go all the way but lost to both Rogue and G2 Esports in the semifinals, having beaten G2 earlier.

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They have been one of the most consistent outfits for a while, which is why it’s a bit of a surprise that they’ve already lost two matches this season. Their patchiness seems to be down to starting troubles – they’re able to close off 100% of the games in which they’re ahead at the 15-minute mark, but failing a strong start, they’ve been vulnerable. Their first tower rating of 40% and first blood rating of 20% are evidence of this and something that head coach YamatoCannon will have addressed ahead of this weekend.

They are significant favorites heading into this match and can’t afford to lose more games this season, which makes this match a bit of a must win. Upset, the bot laner, will be expected to start in this match. He has some incredible stats with 3.89 kills, 0.97 deaths, 4.94 assists and a KDA of 9.09 on average this year. There aren’t many players with a better KDA.

Astralis will head into this match with little to lose

Astralis were the poorest side in the league last season. They only managed three wins out of 18 games. They’ve already managed to equal that win record this year. For them, the aim will be to make the playoffs now since the improvement is clear. They’ve put up some solid metrics on the board so far, despite a win rate of just 60%; their goal differential at the 15-minute mark is among the highest in the league at +634. And a damage per minute of 2479 is a very healthy place to be in ahead of a game against Fnatic, as is a rate of 3.2 dragons per game so far.

This change has occurred because of some new members on the roster. They’ve now got a new top laner, jungler and support and things seem to be clicking. Their Bot Laner, Kobbe, is still around. He has averaged 3.57 kills, 2.05 deaths and 4.43 assists with a KDA of 3.91 this year.

Fnatic vs Astralis Betting Prediction

Fnatic should come out on top in this match. If they don’t, it might be a bit of a mini crisis. Astralis will be quite happy that they are in a position to compete now but Fnatic are one of the most consistent sides in the league.

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When they are in the mood, it’s hard to see most teams get anything against them.

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