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Excel vs Rogue Match Prediction LEC 2022 Summer

29.06.2022, 17:53

Week three of the LEC 2022 Summer Split is almost here, and we have some great games this week.

Some of the best teams so far in the Summer Split will face each other, with title contenders G2 Esports facing Fnatic, and Excel battling Rogue are just two of many great games we have this week on the LEC.

Summer 2022Germany, Berlin, LEC Studio
$206,000Prize Pool

Without further ado, let’s get right into the prediction of what in my opinion can be the match of the week, Excel vs Rogue will see two teams with championship aspirations face each other and will be a very important game to see if Rogue will be able to challenge for the title this Split.

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Excel vs Rogue Match Prediction

0Excel EsportsUnited Kingdom

Two of the best teams in Europe will measure forces this coming Friday, on the third game of day one of week 3 of the 2022 LEC Summer Split., Rogue will face Excel in a game that has everything to be a great one.

Excel is the real deal, and if you don’t believe that just go and watch all their games (except the G2 one that dint went that well) of this Split, or just read our article “Excel is good actually“, I assure you it’s a great read (it has my seal of approval).

With a 4-1 record they sit in first place tied with G2 Esports and look like real title contenders, and they are one of the most fun teams to watch this Split.

Early game-wise Excel is together with G2 Esports the best early game team in the league.

It’s not just because they have an average gold lead of 1.5k at the 14-minute mark, or have an 80% first tower rate, or an impressive 80% first blood rate so far.

What makes Excel early game so good is how proactive they are. Markoon has been one of the best jungles in the LEC so far, his pathing has been great and he always finds some plays in the early game.

Nukeduck playing on roaming mid laners such as TF, Arhi, and Lissandra, has also been very important for the success Excel have in their early game. It allows him to pair up with Markoon and search for plays on the side lanes, mainly in the one where Patrick is playing.

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Finn has been a solid top laner. He is far from being a superstar player but he does his job well and has been having some good impact in champions like Gangplank and Gwen.

Excel is not afraid of pulling the trigger, and because of that, they are able to find a lot of plays in the early game. The way they play the skirmishes is also very good.

Mikyx continues to prove why he is the best support in the LEC, finding a lot of success with his roams even on Yummi.

The squad is also one of the best ones when it comes to having control of the objectives, mainly Drake and Herald.

As for Rogue, their start to the Split was far from a good one, especially for a team that has championship aspirations.

With a 3-2 record they sit in sixth place, the last place that gives access to the playoffs, but the team hasn’t looked great.

Their early game has been decent, they have an average gold lead of 460, a good first tower percentage of 80%, and a 60% first blood percentage which is also a good percentage.

But it seems that Rogue is playing at the same level as in Spring Split while teams such as Excel, Mad Lions, G2 Esports, and others have gotten better.

The Malrang effect is still working but to a lesser degree as teams have found ways to counter it, and by now are already used to his play style.

Don’t get me wrong, individually Rogue is still amazing, they have great laners and are very capable of beating Excel if they make some big mistakes.

However, after that spectacular performance by Excel against Mad Lions last week, I think Rogue has one very difficult task ahead of them.

When it comes to the draft I also give the advantage to Excel. They have shown to be more flexible, and even though they have only shown one way of playing the game, with champions that can have an impact in the early game, like Volibear, Wukong, Lucian, and Kalista (which aren’t awful in the late game).

But recently their coach Nelson has said that he is not worried about the meta and that they can make their style work no matter the champions or meta.

Rogue has been playing more late-game compositions, and that hasn’t really worked for them, at least not against the top teams they faced.

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Excel Esports
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This can be a very close game, but I got the feeling Excel is going to dominate this game, with a great early game and will dominantly get another win in their pockets.

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