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DWG KIA vs Gen.G Match Prediction LCK Summer Split 2022

20.06.2022, 19:30

Week two of LCK Summer Split 2022 will have some great games, with some of the favorites to lift the trophy facing each other.

The week will start off with a banger, as DWG KIA will battle against Gen.G with both teams wanting to remain undefeated, and it will also allow us to have a trailer for this matchup if it happens again at playoffs.

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LCK is one of the most exciting leagues to watch so I have even more great games to analyze and give my prediction on.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the prediction of DWG KIA vs Gen.G which has all the ingredients to be the match of the week, we also have Fredit BRION vs KT Rolster and much more matches.

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DWG KIA vs Gen.G Match Prediction


Both teams went 2-0 last week and didn’t drop a single game in both series. DWG KIA defeated Fredit BRION and Liiv SANDBOX, and with Nuguri having some good performances, the trio that dominated the LCK in the recent past might be able to do it again.

As for Gen.G, they defeated KT Rolster and Hanwha Life Esports, with Chovy performing at a very high level, especially against KT Rolster, and managing to secure both MVPs of the series. 

However, Doran continues to be the major problem for Geng.G as the top laner is very inconsistent, and despite Chovy and Ruler great performances in Week 1 against a team like DWG KIA Doran will need to step up his game.

Nuguri has been looking good so far, and despite not looking as dominant as the Nuguri that terrified the LCK and international stage in 2020 yet, he has already looked more dependable than Doran.

When it comes to the early game both teams are very good in this department. Geng.G has an average gold lead of 2k at the 14-minute mark, and DWG KIA has a 2.4k gold lead a the same point in the game.

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This means that the early game will be very important in this series, with the team that can manage to get an advantage in the early game probably being the favorite to win the game, since the win percentage for both teams when ahead at the 14-minute mark is of 100%.

DWG KIA is more flexible in the drafting department, and it’s very difficult to draft against this team when you look at the way they can flex picks.

While Geng.G recipe for success so far has been, Chovy on a late-game mage carries such as Azir or Corki, Ruler with a hyper carry like Jinx or Kaisa, while Doran plays either the tank role or pick a scaling champion such as Gangplank, despite Geng.G not having found a lot of success on their top side with Doran even being solo killed.

This series will for sure be a great one, and I see DWG KIA coming out with the victory. They have been looking good and I think the top side issues for Geng.G might be the difference-maker.

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Whatever the result if you are a competitive League of Legends fan you are in for a treat.

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