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100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Match Prediction LCS Summer 2022

01.07.2022, 20:57

The showdown between 100 Thieves and Team Liquid – historically the strongest sides in the league – always garners public attention, and promises to be a slug fest. But if you had to pick a winner going in, Team Liquid holds the slightest of edges.

100 Thieves vs Team Liquid Match Prediction

1100 ThievesUnited States
0Team LiquidNetherlands

Team Liquid

Team LiquidNetherlands
1Lose streak
73%30 d. winrate

Team Liquid has appeared in six LCS finals and won four of them, and their consistency across the last four years has been virtually unmatched. They’ve had enough time to lick their wounds from the spring split of 2022 where they fizzled out like a damp firework in the playoffs after dominating the round robin.

Now they’re back and stand third on the rankings with four wins out of five, but the loss of the spring split seems to still be weighing heavily on them. Mid laner Søren ‘Bjergsen‘ Bjerg, who came out of retirement to rejoin TL last spring has recovered from the rustiness of last season, and his kill rate of 3.8 is among the highest of all teams so far, matched by bot laner Steven ‘Hans Sama‘ Liv.

Team Liquid did manage wins over Immortals, Dignitas and Cloud9, but they didn’t come easy, and they haven’t looked up to scratch. Week two began with a shock defeat to TSM, but they did recover from that in time to blow past Fly Quest in the next game.

This has been an interesting season so far for Liquid. They have dominated most economy stats, including picking up 1911 gold per minute at a differential of +253 per minute. In terms of creep score, they have 34.3 per minute with a CS differential of +3. Green check boxes allthe way, but they have not quite hit their best level of form. Still, they have a massive positive differential in kills and deaths, with 13.6 kills and 7 deaths per game.

100 Thieves

100 ThievesUnited States
2Win streak
82%30 d. winrate

100 Thieves are on a quest to relive their dream summer championship of 2021, and have started on the right note, though they would’ve preferred more consistent results. Currently they stand fifth on the rankings, with three wins from their five games.

Their first week kicked off with two wins against TSM and the struggling Dignitas. However, their meeting against Evil Geniuses however left a lot to be desired; the game was essentially a re-match of the spring split final, and disappointingly for 100 Thieves, the result went the same way.

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They got past the Golden Guardians at the start of the second week, but won’t be too happy over having succumbed to Cloud9. 100 Thieves will hope to make up for the inconsistencies so far with a win over Team Liquid, who’ve looked out of sorts though they stand higher on the rankings.

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