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League Of Legends Match Betting 2023

24.03.2023, 12:43

League of Legends, developed by Riot Games, is a popular video game, and nowadays, you have a chance to not only play the game but also bet on it to win real money. In this post, we describe LoL match betting in detail. Continue reading and get valuable information on the biggest LoL tournaments, diverse types of bets, and find out how to select the best platform for wagering on this esports title.

Check out the best LoL match betting sites

Every beginner gambler should start his betting journey by picking the right bookmaker. There are many factors that must be taken into account. For instance, generous welcome offers, excellent customer support, different betting markets, etc. It is quite a lot for one person to check. That is why our team did it for you. We analyzed all the betting options provided by multiple bookmakers and made a list of the best League of Legends match betting websites. Check the table below and choose the platform that will fulfill all your gambling needs.

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LoL betting on upcoming matches in 2023

Before you try your luck with the LoL betting sites, you need to learn more about the game specifics. By getting more information about League of Legends gameplay, teams that are taking part in a match, and their strategies, you will be able to bet on LoL matches more effectively. Start betting on LoL by selecting the bookie from our list. Below, you can see a table of all the upcoming matches.

Choose the right betting site

Picking the best LoL match betting site is half of your wagering success. As we already mentioned it earlier, there are a lot of aspects that influence the choice of a bookmaker. So what should you check first? Below, we outline some of the most important features a reputable bookmaker should have.

Customer support

Opt for the website with a professional customer support team. This way, you can be confident that if you have any issue regarding the betting process or a problem with your account, it will be resolved fast and efficiently. In the perfect case scenario, you should be able to reach the website representative any time, day and night. Make sure that the LoL match betting site has an active live chat, email, hotline, or other means of communication.


To be able to place winning bets, you must learn how to read the odds. Odds represent the probability of the outcome of a certain LoL event. If you understand the odds, you have more chances to earn big money. Why? By looking at the offered odds, you can tell which team prevails and place your wagers correspondingly. Higher odds mean bigger profit, thus do not neglect the comparison of the odds presented by multiple sportsbooks. Choose the one with the highest odds and bet on LoL matches.


Bookmaker's reputation is also among defining factors. You can read other bettors' reviews to see whether their experience with a certain bookmaker was pleasant or not. Aside from favorable reviews, a reputable bookmaker must have a license and offer a wide selection of betting options. By choosing the bookie from the list above, you do not need to worry about its reputation as we included only highly respectable platforms that are being used by millions of gamblers.

How to bet on League of Legends matches in 2023

Betting on League of Legends matches may seem difficult, however, with the right gambling strategy, you will get big winnings. Do you want to win big money but have no idea where to start? Read below our short instructions on how to bet on LoL and place your first wager in an instant.

Pick the optimal bookie

As you have already learned about the features that you need to look for in a good bookmaker, it is time to make your choice. Try out different websites, opt for the one you think is the most convenient for you, and create an account. Fill in all the blanks in a registration form and make your first deposit.

Pick a match to bet on

As soon as you transfer some funds to your betting account, you need to choose a match you want to wager on. You should be able to easily find the list of all the matches in the "Esports" section. Based on your betting skills, place pre-match bets, or you can wager on the match that has already started. Check the odds and bet on the outcome that you think will bring you the biggest profit.

Do pre-betting research

Before betting on League of Legends matches, you need to conduct some basic pre-gambling research. It is not a good idea to place your bets blindly. Learn about LoL rules or even try to play the game yourself. Check the types of bets that the bookmaker offers. It will be useful to find some facts about the competing teams and players. You can also check the history of previous matches. Gather all the information you can find, analyze it and start placing successful bets.

League of Legends betting types

Knowing the various types of bets is one of the major parts of becoming a successful player. We recommend placing bets based on your gambling skills and how good you know the game. This way, you have lesser chances to place a losing bet. Below, you can learn more about wagers available for betting on LoL matches.


A big number of bookmakers provide the opportunity to place a handicap bet in order to even the winning chances for both teams that are going to compete in a match. As it is not that common that two teams are equally strong, the weaker team is given additional points before the match begins. By betting on the underdogs to be the winner, you will not be disappointed because at the end of the match, the extra points are added to the score, so they can be the match winners even if their performance during the match was not that good.


This type of bet is considered to be the easiest one. To place a successful bet, you do not need to spend days preparing and learning all the aspects of LoL match betting. All you need to do is to guess which team will be the winner of the match. If you are just making your first steps in betting on LoL, opt for this type of bet.


Total bets are more suitable for bettors who have been placing wagers for some time already. In this type of bet, you are betting on how long the match will last. The bookmaker will give you the number of the games played in a match. Bet on the number to be over or under the one that was established by the bookmaker and collect your winnings in case of a successful bet.

Prop bets

This term is short for "proposition bets". They fall in a specific category because they merely are placed on the events that are not affecting the outcome of the game. Prop bets on LoL matches include the total number of kills performed by a certain team, bets on the team that will be the first to take Baron or manage the first kill, etc.

Tournament outright bets/futures

An outright or future bet means that you need to wager on the winner of a whole competition. Most of the time, they are placed before the tournament starts as the odds are higher. To make a precise prediction, you need to spend some time on learning about the teams that are going to fight for the main prize, their statistics, previous victories, and roster changes. By placing such a bet, be prepared to wait for the results for some time, as some of the tournaments may last a month or even longer.

Most entertaining LoL bets

League of Legends gameplay allows sportsbooks to offer to their gamblers many exciting bets. They will keep you on the edge and make betting on LoL matches even more thrilling. Read about the most entertaining bets below and choose one according to your gambling skills.

First to take Baron

This bet is for those who are sure that they can predict which team will be the first to take the Baron. Baron is a very powerful computer-controlled neutral monster. Completing this objective will result in a great reward for the teams along with the bettor who chose the right team for his/her bet.

First blood

First blood is the type of bet that is pretty commonly offered by bookmakers. You wager on the team that you think will shed the first blood during the match. Usually, this happens in the first ten minutes of the game, so you do not have to wait for long to find out the results of your bet. If you are wondering if your wager is going to be successful, check the previous matches to see which team had more success.

Match duration

Betting on LoL match duration is very popular among bettors. It is a perfect choice if you are an amateur bettor. Most of the time, the game will last from 20 minutes to an hour. Try to predict how long it is going to take for one team to defeat the other and place your bet.

Biggest League of Legends events

League of Legends is the esports title that frequently holds competitive events. These events are attracting thousands of bettors and gamers every year. A large number of teams, and players, live streaming and huge prize pools create favourable conditions for League of Legends match betting. So what are the biggest events of this esports title? Let's find out below.

League of Legends World Championship

LoL World Championship, also called Worlds, has been hosted by Riot Games annually since 2011. It is one of the most prominent gaming tournaments, where the teams compete for the champions title, the Summoner Cup, and a cash prize. The most famous team that takes part in this tournament is T1 as they have managed to become the world champions 3 times. Below, you can find the table with the current matches of the tournament.

Regional championships

Regional championships are sponsored by Riot Games. There are 12 professional leagues that take place in South Korea, North America, Europe, Vietnam, Brazil and other places around the world. Some of the competitions during which you can bet on LoL matches are the League of Legends Pro League, the Pacific Championship Series, Turkish Championship League, etc. Look for the current matches in the table below.

Mid-Season Invitational

Mid-Season Invitational, usually shortened to MSI, is the second most important tournament for the LoL players after the World Championship. It is held annually and includes winners of regional championships in the spring split. It has a few stages: group, rumble, and knockout stage. Check out the list of the present MSI matches that you can bet on below.

Using LoL deposit bonuses and promotions

Bonuses and promotions provided by the bookmakers are an amazing way to increase your funds and explore various betting options. Once you have registered with the LoL match betting website, you will receive a welcome bonus. It can be free funds or free bets. Bookmakers also provide match deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, even refer-a-friend bonuses. All these perks allow you to place more bets and build better gambling strategies. Usually, bonuses come with the wagering requirements which you need to fulfil so later you can withdraw your winnings.

Live betting on League of Legends

Live betting on LoL matches is the best way to enjoy your favorite game because you can spectate the ongoing matches and make profit by placing bets on them. If you are interested in placing live bets, choose the bookmaker from those that are offered to you above as all of them provide high quality live streaming along with the various betting markets. Keep in mind that if you want to earn big money, you need to come prepared. Learn about the game specifics, line-ups, and their strategies. Keep an eye on the match and the teams' performance as it affects the odds directly.

Final LoL match betting tips

Above, we described the basic steps you need to take to start betting on League of Legends matches. However, that is not all. We want to share with you some betting tips that will make your wagering experience even more great. Let's check them below.

Follow the link and use the calculated LoL betting tips and predictions to start making profit from your favorite game.

Play League of Legends

Understanding the gameplay is massively important if you want to bet on the LoL match. Being a player is extremely helpful if you want to place live bets. Not always the match goes how we expect. But if you see the changes in the teams' performance and understand what's going on during the game, you can react fast and change your betting strategy.

Pay close attention to champions selected

Do your research regarding teams that participate in a particular match or competition. If you want to place a bet on a tournament winner, everything should be taken into account — team players, recent roster changes, gaming strategies, chosen champions, previous match performance, etc. You might spend some time trying to get all this information, however, you will be more confident with your bets and will have more chances to get big winnings.

Shop around for the best odds and promotions

Always place your bets on LoL matches with those bookies that provide the highest odds and offer the most generous bonuses. The higher the odds are, the bigger is your profit in case of a winning bet. Thus, thoroughly examine different websites and pick the one with the most competitive odds. The same goes with bonuses and promotions. Check whether the website grants any welcome bonuses, what are their maximum limits, and wagering requirements. The bookies that we offered for you to check in this post meet these criteria.


Betting on LoL is getting more and more popular every season, with millions of bettors willing to spend their money on various League of Legends events. In this article, we described in detail the process of making your first bet as well as what events you can place those bets on. All the information provided above will help you to start gambling on LoL in an instant. Choose your bookmaker and get ready to join the LoL match betting community!

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