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Where to watch Brazil vs LATAM Last Chance Qualifier

30.06.2022, 16:39

Masters Copenhagen is just around the corner but we are still missing one team of the twelve teams that will be present in the international event starting on the 1oth of July.

Today’s Last Chance Qualifier between Brazilian second seed Ninjas in Pyjamas and LATAM vice-champions KRÜ Esports will determine the last team to qualify for the second international event of the year.

2022 South America Stage 2 ChallengersArgentina, Buenos Aires, Centro Costa Salguero
KRÜ Esports
Ninjas in Pyjamas
2nd Place
3rd Place

Both teams were meant to play on LAN, with a crowd attending the event.

However, after someone from one of the teams or staff tested positive for COVID-19 the plans changed slightly.

KRÜ Esports will play from its gaming house in Buenos Aires, the same City where the LAN event was going o take place.

As for Ninjas in Pyjamas, the Brazilian organization will be able to play on stage at the Centro Costa Salguero venue but there will not be a crowd.

This is a very important tournament for both regions since it will determine which region will have two representatives at Master’s Copenhagen, and if Ninjas in Pyjamas wins LOUD will go through to the playoff stage, while if it’s KRÜ Esports who comes out on top it will be Leviatán who will move directly into the playoff stage of the event.

Most people analysts and casters see Ninjas in Pyjamas as the favorites but they all agree this is going to be a very close series, and that any team of the two teams can come out victorious.

Therefore you won’t want to lose this series. A best-of-five series between two of the best teams in South America is always a sight to behold.

If you want to watch this game, and you probably do since you clicked on this article, and you don’t know where you can watch it don’t worry I got you covered.

Riot Games official Brazilian broadcast on both Twitch and Youtube will broadcast the game with Portuguese commentary.

The official LATAM channel will also broadcast the game with Spanish commentary on their Twitch and Youtube channel.

Valorant official twitch channel and youtube channel should also broadcast the game but it’s still not certain it’s going to happen as no indication has been given by Riot that the game will be broadcasted on the main Valorant channel.

If you want a more casual view experience there will be some streamers watch parties, such as Lembo, Coreano, Gustavo “Nuuh” Rocha, Liquid FRTTT, and many others.

Most of the watch parties will be either Brazilan streamers or Spanish-speaking streams, so if you want to watch an English stream you can always rely on Tarik, we normally co-stream all the biggest Valorant events in the World so I don’t think he will miss this one.

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