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Team Spirit recant their Russian ties

25.03.2022, 18:47
Team SpiritRussia
4Win streak
100%30 d. winrate

The organization, most known for their star Dota 2 lineup that went on to claim their discipline’s ultimate prize, the Aegis of Immortal, in The International 2021, is officially moving its headquarters out of Russia. In quite a poetic turn, the first lineup to publicly gain praise from Vladimir Putin, the sitting president of the Russian Federation, for their outstanding performance on the virtual battlefield is also the first – hopefully, of many – to make a decisive stand against the real battles in this fashion.

Some fans were underwhelmed by Team Spirit’s seemingly half-measure wording, but, thankfully, the management clarified things almost immediately.

Determined to uphold the principle of “the only border that matters in esports is the distance at which the players experience playable levels of latency,” Team Spirit issues a powerful statement that will surely ripple through the entirety of the region. Nothing about it is too surprising, though: Team Spirit was vocal in its stance from day one, making it clear that this decision came from their hearts first, and only second as a practical consideration given the current status of the Russian esports scene.

Also, this move means that it was indeed the EU that has won The International for the 4th year in a row. EU STRONG!

10Romania, Bucharest, Arena Națională
$40,018,195Prize Pool
Team Spirit
PSG.LGD Gaming
2nd Place
Team Secret
3rd Place
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