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Misfits Gaming vs Excel Esports Match Prediction LEC Summer 2022

21.07.2022, 14:11

Game week 4 in the LEC had something of a symmetrical schedule to start off, with the top half teams taking on the bottom half teams. Given that that was the case, it wouldn’t have been wrong to expect this particular fixture to have one team that won both games over the last weekend, and one that lost both over the last weekend. It turns out that on paper, this went down as predicted; but no one would have quite imagined that the team that won and the team that lost in this equation would be switched up like this.

Misfits Gaming vs Excel Esports Match Prediction

1Excel EsportsUnited Kingdom

Misfits Gaming

Misfits GamingEurope
2Lose streak
-30 d. winrate

Misfits Gaming have been a strange team, but an effective one. One look at some of their stats and you could be fooled into thinking that this is a team that should be in the bottom end of the table. Their deaths per game average is 14.8, which is worse than the most terribly performing team’s (BDS, 14.4) stats. Their first tower percentage is 11.1%, and their gold and creep score stats and tower differentials at the 15-minute mark are all in the negative. How, then, have they managed to put up a five-match winning streak? Table-topper Rogue are the only other team in this tightly fought season who have won more than three matches in a row at this point of the tournament.

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The most evident answer based on the stats is perhaps the fact that they’ve managed to use a stupendous damage per minute metric of 2181 to take charge of the game early on; they may not be scoring too high on the 15-minute metrics I’ve listed above, but they have managed to be in the lead in each of their last five matches at that stage, and haven’t lost from there. That’s dominance over a decent period of time.

Excel Esports

Excel EsportsUnited Kingdom
3Lose streak
25%30 d. winrate

Excel Esports were tied in first place with Rogue at the start of the last game week, and might have still retained second place – which now belongs to MAD Lions – if they had managed to… well, not lose both games upon the resumption of the tournament. We saw that the time between game week 3 and 4 worked out very well for certain teams, particularly SK Gaming – who beat Excel on Saturday and used the time to train vigorously and to good effect. After the game, Excel’s coaches suggested that it was how they trained during the break that had the biggest effect on their performance over the weekend. This week, we expect them to sort that out and be back in shape quickly. They’re still in third place, with the only issue being that so are three other teams.

Misfits Gaming vs Excel Esports Betting Prediction

[match_prediction match=”misfits-gaming-vs-excel-esports-22-07-2022-06-00″ team=”excel-esports-lol”]

This is a bit adventurous, but I expect Misfits Gaming’s streak to end this weekend – only because of the law of averages. Excel Esports’ pride was bruised last weekend and we might see a strong reaction.

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