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League Championship Series celebrates its 10th anniversary

If you’re an avid fan of League of Legends’ competitive scene, constant access to high-tier professional matches might have spoiled you a lot. I know that from experience – after all, no other esports title offers its viewers these three-month long leagues twice a year. Guaranteeing nearly daily quality entertainment – and for the most dedicated, a learning experience – League Championship Series format has been a staple for already a decade!

League Championship Series

The highest tier of League of Legends professional scene in North America. Ten teams compete for the champion’s title over two splits: Spring and Summer. The event is sponsored by many prestigious brands, such as Samsung, MasterCard, and others.

But it hasn’t always been this way. In the early days of League, Phreak’s basement wasn’t nearly spacious enough to host eight to ten teams competing against each other daily. Back in ye olde days, League’s competitive landscape looked more like CS:GO’s or Dota’s: multiple organizers offering different leagues, with different scopes and prize pools. Some might even argue that it’s the better way of shaping the competitive scene, but, as usual, both approaches have their benefits.

Anyway, 2022 is the year that marks the golden anniversary for the LCS format. In just under two weeks at January 14th, the new season will kick off, so stay tuned for Friday!

Lock-In 2022United States, Los Angeles, LCS Studio
$150,000Prize Pool
Team Liquid
Evil Geniuses
2nd Place
3rd Place
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