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CBLOL paiN Gaming vs RED Canids Grand Final Prediction

22.04.2022, 15:17
Split 1 2022Brazil, Sao Paulo, Arena CBLOL
$86,500Prize Pool
RED Canids
paiN Gaming
2nd Place
KaBuM! e-Sports
3rd Place

April 23rd, São Paulo, Riot Games studio, 19:00 PM CEST, PAIN Gaming and RED Canids will face each other for a chance to become the Spring Split champions and get their ticket to Busan, where MSI will take place.

The teams had very different paths until getting to the Grand Final.

Pain Gaming dominated the upper bracket, winning 3-2 versus FURIA, defeating KaBuM 3-0, and easily qualifying for the Grand Final.

As for RED Canids, the reigning CBLOL champions lost in the first round of the upper bracket 3-0 to KaBuM and had to make their way throughout the lower bracket.

In the lower bracket, they defeated Liberty 3-2, Furia 3-1, and in the lower bracket final, they got their revenge against KaBuM winning the series 3-1 and advancing to the Grand Final.

Without further ado, let’s see how this series might play out, and what are the X-factors for each team.

PAIN Gaming

paiN GamingBrazil
2Win streak
75%30 d. winrate

PAIN Gaming comes into this series as the heavy favorite. The four-time CBLOL champions made their way through the upper bracket in a convincing way, and apart from FURIA no one was able to challenge Pain Gaming in the playoffs.

One of PAIN Gaming main strengths is its early game. With almost an average of 2k gold ahead at the 15-minute mark, and an 80% win rate when ahead at 15 minutes mark, you can see why PAIN Gaming has been able to find so much success in the playoffs.

Their first blood percentage is 62.5% and that’s mainly because of their jungle Cariok which has a lot of impact on the early game, obviously, this is also only possible because of the strong laners that PAIN Gaming have and their understanding of the game.

It picks such as Xin Zhao, Lee Sin, and Volibear you can see that PAIN Gaming early game success passes a lot by the impact Cariok can have in the early game.

Another area where PAIN Gaming is superior to RED Canids is the cs differential at 15 minutes.

On average PAIN Gaming is almost 20 cs ahead at the 15 minutes mark, this is a huge number and also reflects how dominant PAIN Gaming is in the early game.

When it comes to champion pool, PAIN Gaming is a mixed bag.

Wizer is a very flexible player and has a deep champion pool, having played with seven different champions in the playoffs.

Cariok, and Damage have played with four different champions each, but it’s Trigo and dyNquedo champion pool that might be a problem.

As you can see the adc and mid lane for PAIN Gaming have a very limited champion pool.

This is something RED Canids can and almost certainly will take advantage of.

It’s also worthy to take note that all of PAIN Gaming players are individually talented, and dyNquedo despite a small champions pool is extremely strong on the there champions you can see in the picture.

dyNquedo TF is probably his best champion right now since the player always finds a way to impact the side lanes, helping Trigo and Wizer to get ahead.

PAIN Gaming is very strong when it comes to team fights, mostly because when they have a big team fight they are already substantially ahead in gold.

The X-Factor for PAIN Gaming is the early game, if they can continue to dictate the pace of the game RED Canids will have a very hard time.

RED Canids

RED CanidsBrazil
4Win streak
88%30 d. winrate

RED Canids comes into the Grand Final with the goal to retain their championship, and show they are still the best team in Brazil.

If PAIN Gaming strength resides in the early game, RED Canids has the late game as their best friend.

The team has proved in the last series they can get ahead early in the game and snowball it, but they normally have a 500 gold deficit at the 15 minutes mark.

It’s not that significant of a deficit, but together with only a 37.5 % of the first tower, and a 56.5% first blood rate it shows RED Canids use the early game to farm up and get to a point where their carries are strong enough to carry through a team fight.

However, their jungle Aegis found a lot of success in the early game in their series against KaBuM, especially on the top side.

Aegis will be the main factor if RED Canids are able to get ahead in the early game, the jungle has been performing at a very good level so there is a chance he can mitigate the impact Cariok has in the game.

Another one of RED Canids win condition is their bot lane.

Titan and Jojo are the best bot lane in Brazil right now, and they proved that in their last two playoff series.

Having such a strong bot lane, that shines in the 2v2, allows RED Canids to get control of the bot side and prioritize Drakes, as well as being ahead on tempo letting JoJo roam and help Aegis looking for plays in other parts of the map.

When it comes to the champion pool, well let’s just say that RED Canids have a champion ocean

I think it’s better for you you to see for yourself instead of me explaining it.

Grevthar has the smaller champion pool and still plays five champions, despite having Viktor and Vex as their best champions.

The rest of the team has a huge champions pool which makes it easier for RED Canids to draft while the PAIN Gaming coach will have a hard time drafting in this series.

As you can see RED Canids normally opts for more late-game carries like Jinx, Aphelios, Zeri, Viktor, and even a Renata which despite not being a carry is a very strong champion in the late game, same as Orn.


3RED CanidsBrazil

Titan needs to have a great series if RED Canids want to take the trophy home, and the team will need to endure PAIN Gaming great early game in order to get to the mid-late game in a somewhat even scenario since there is where RED Canids truly shines.

In my opinion, it’s going to be a much closer series than most people might think.

RED Canids are a very resilient team and their path throughout the lower bracket proves that.

They get even better in pressure moments and I think that will really help them.

Despite PAIN Gaming still being the favorites, I will go with RED Canids in this one.

They have the advantage in the draft and I believe their team fight ability will be the difference-maker.

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