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Natus Vincere (NAVI) Rainbow 6 Team

Natus Vincere United Kingdom
0 0
1 Lose streak
- 30 d. winrate
- Winrate
Last match was 52 d. ago


There are no scheduled Natus Vincere Rainbow 6 matches.


07.02 - 20.02
Left 30 d.
Six Invitational 2023
$3,000,000 Canada
Europe Closed Qualifier, 24 d. ago


1 All Matches
0 Win
1 Lose
0 Draw
Natus Vincere
Team Secret
0 2

About Natus Vincere Rainbow 6 Team

Natus Vincere is a Rainbow 6 eSports team from United Kingdom. Natus Vincere is ranked on 38 place of global Rainbow 6 team rankings with a score of 150000 points.

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