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Valve adds new Dota 2 treasure - featuring brand new Kid Invoker set

23.06.2022, 10:42

This week we saw a new update and along with it, a new treasure called Chest of Endless Days. It features thirteen all-new item sets, including the first set for Kid Invoker.

The chests will be dropped randomly during games, along with the keys required to open them. You can also purchase these keys for $2.49 on the steam market.

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What’s in the Chest of Endless Days?

  • Madness of the Amaranth Orb – Luna

  • Faceless Destiny – Templar Assassin

  • Vespoid Stalker – Weaver

  • Prolific Planter – Nature’s Prophet

  • Toll of the Netherblight – Viper

  • Discipline of the Dark Star – Drow Ranger

  • Unholy Harvest – Wraith King

  • Foxtail Libertine – Pangolier

  • Polar Night – Winter Wyvern

  • Requiem for Red Wolf Clan – Lycan

  • Servant of the Sightless Shamans Monkey King (Rare) – Witch Doctor

  • Scourge of the Skyrangers (Very Rare) – Hoodwink

  • Heir of Menace (Ultra Rare) – Kid Invoker

It will be interesting to see if DOTA continues to offer treasures in this manner, following in CS:GOs footsteps of drops, rather than market purchases.

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