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Tundra Esports vs Team Liquid match at GWB 2022 Prediction

08.05.2022, 17:18
2022Saudi Arabia
$6,000,000Prize Pool
2nd Place
3rd Place

As it was predicted two strongest teams of this competition will meet in the Grand Finals. Team Liquid will try to take revenge on Tundra Esports for the upper bracket semifinal match, where Tundra won in a landslide 2-0.

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On the way to the Grand Finals, both of these teams defeated Team Nigma. Both teams won with a score of 2:0. And both matches were very similar.

Tundra surprised the opponent with the Spirit Breaker pick on the midlane on the first map and smashed the opponent to smithereens on all three lanes on the second map.

Team Liquid in the match against Nigma took a similar scenario. iNSaNiA closed the predictable pick of Dragon Knight in the first stage by choosing Razor. Then they completely neutralized the Bane pick by choosing Clockwerk. And finally, the potential Weaver carry was preemptively closed with an extravagant choice of Faceless Void on mid.

Team Liquid celebrates victory at Dreamleague

The entire first map can be described as an unstoppable and senseless bloodbath. Nigma starting from the first smoke before the start of the game, until the last race in the enemy forest, tried to throw the enemy off the balance. But Liquid regularly took all the fights and still managed to farm more than Nigma. micke already had Aghanim’s Scepter at the 15th minute, and by the 23rd minute he had Radiance in his inventory. Liquid did whatever they wanted on the map. Team Nigma could not prevent them from either taking Aegis or destroying their towers or barracks. As a result, in 37 minutes of the game, Nigma were forced to accept defeat.

On the second map, Liquid realized what the whole game would be about, so they chose active fight heroes: Mars and Grimstroke in the first stage. Then they closed enemy’s Enigma from Kuroky by choosing Vengeful Spirit. Together with Venge, they picked Nature’s Prophet. Nigma decided to answer to the pick of one hero with the effect of global presence, with the pick of another hero of global presence and chose Underlord on the midlane. As a result, Team Liquid picked such flexible heroes and so confused all the cards on the table that they absolutely leveled all the advantage of the lastpick from Nigma. After the pick of carry Weaver from Nigma, Team Liquid gave Mars to micke, Vengeful Spirit became an offlaner and MATUMBAMAN played carry Nature’s Prophet.

During the game itself, Team Liquid did not give the opponent a chance on the lanes. Kuroky was forced to come to the center lane for help before the 10th minute, leaving Miracle to fend for himself. Liquid repeatedly forced fights on the opponent, taking advantage of the absence of Enigma’s Black hole Serpent wards. Team Liquid themselves had almost no cooldowns on abilities. Having broken the opponent’s tier-1 mid tower at the 13th minute of the game, the ‘liquid ones” gained almost complete control over Nigma’s half of the map. After a series of successful kills of the opponent’s core heroes, Team Liquid took their Aegis and broke the central racks. And a few minutes later they finished the game altogether.

Let’s talk a bit more about teams’ playstyle.

Tundra Esports

TundraUnited Kingdom
1Draw streak
23%30 d. winrate

Tundra Esports is a team that has met no resistance during this competition yet. They didn’t lose a single map. Obviously, the process of setting up gears in the team’s mechanism has already been completed after the change of FATA to Saksa and the team is in full preparing for the Major. They don’t really show any homework here, playing just the most meta heroes of the patch: Storm Spirit, Chaos Knight, Leshrac, but the level of personal performance and strength of the heroes is enough to look like absolute favorites at this tournament.

​​During the draft, they are most often open pos 1 or pos 2 core hero and a flexible support. They leave the final support rotation for later stages of draft. Moreover, to pick a hero in the first stage for 33 means to waste a huge pool of heroes of the Israeli offlaner. That is why opponents often spend the lion’s share of their bans for Neta Shapira’s heroes. So a typical Tundra debut in the first stage could be Io + Chaos Knight or Tiny. In the second stage, they can pick up another pos 1 or pos 2 core hero, or show the offlane hero, for example: Beastmaster, Doom, Pangolier paired with Grimstroke, Punga or Hoodwink, or, something extraordinary may appear in the draft, like: Jakiro, Spirit Breaker or Snapfire.

The tactics for the game are based on the early movements of support with the help of Nine. At the same time, they strike at the most vulnerable opponent’s lanes, taking advantage of the numerical advantage, because 33 pulls some of the players to his lane. All this creates relatively safe conditions for a comfortable DurachYO farm. He is the key player of the team, if his business on the lane is not going too well, the pace of the team sags significantly and this is seen with the naked eye.

Team Liquid

Team LiquidNetherlands
1Lose streak
20%30 d. winrate

Team Liquid, unlike its opponent in the final, actively tests the capabilities of different heroes throughout the tournament. They are still in search of that golden ratio of the patch. The strength of the team still lies in the versatility of each player and the incredible flexibility of their drafts. During the draft, iNSaNiA prefers the first pick, thus, the opportunity to close the first and second stages of the draft. Thanks to a variety of strategies and a broad approach to the role of the hero, Team Liquid often completely negates the advantage of the opponent’s lastpick.

At this tournament, there are several setups that are most often used by the “liquid ones”. This is Mars + 1 and Io + carry for him. Otherwise, heroes change positions and roles in an absolutely free order. You want some Rubick or Faceless Void on mid? Here you are! The same situation is with Liquid ‘s supports. Boxi has not played the same hero twice in the last 10 maps. Skywrath Mage, Shadow Shaman, Clockwerk and many others were played by him.

Team Liquid.iNSaNiA

Team Liquid’s playstyle is marked by aggression at the initial stages of the game. The main target of this aggression is the opponent’s mid tier-1 tower. To destroy this target, the entire team is used, regardless of the passivity or activity of the selected heroes or the outcome of the lane stage. A separate strength of the team is a very high level of personal performance of each of the players, including the team captain, which is traditionally rare in professional Dota. Another strong quality of the team is the ability to competently conduct a teamfight, even with initially not very suitable situations. This often saves the team from defeat with experimental or failed drafts.

Tundra Esports vs Team Liquid match prediction. A rough battle awaits!

1TundraUnited Kingdom
2Team LiquidNetherlands

After the first game day, if I had been asked to predict the outcome of the rematch in the Grand Finals, without hesitation I would have said that Tundra Esports is going for an easy walk. However, as Team Liquid found their pace in this tournament, I expect a very intense and exciting series. Tundra Esports has solid and stable drafts on its side, which has served them repeatedly in the DPC regular season, and the signature lastpick for Nine will cause a lot of problems for any team. In addition, their strong point is confident lane stage performance and macro moves. They can easily turn into life the advantage gained after the lanes, or vice versa, they can act very competently if not everything goes according to plan.

At the same time, Team Liquid outperforms their opponent in fight skills and can definitely surprise both during the draft and in the game itself. The attempt to remotely kill Roshan from Boxi on Shadow Shaman speaks for itself. The Achilles heel of the iNSaNiA’s team may be the desire to test as many different strategies as possible before the Major. After all, this was the reason for their defeat on the first map of the previous series against Tundra. And the macro game in the mid and late game is noticeably slower for Team Liquid, Tundra Esports often caught its opponents off guard in most unpredictable episodes.

According to the personal level of performance, the teams are equal, except that the experience can play in favor of Liquid, because the iNSaNiA, Boxi and micke trio have been playing together for more than three years, and zai and MATUMBAMAN are rightfully considered one of the most experienced performers on the pro scene.

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In this no doubt epic Bo3 series, all three maps will definitely be played. But still, the stability of drafts and the best macro game of Tundra Esports will play a key role in this match and they will become the champions of Gamers without Borders 2022 Europe.

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