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MSS announces a team search

21.01.2022, 23:12

Former Quincy Crew player Arif “MSS” Anwar has announced a team search. Arif finished playing for Evil Geniuses, where he was called to play as a replacement for offlane, where MSS replaced Nightfall.

Evil GeniusesUnited States
6Win streak
89%30 d. winrate

Arif had played for EG since January 8. The team had a poor start in the DPC league at the time, but with a replacement, Evil Geniuses quickly made up for a lost time.

Their full-time offlaner Egor “Nightfall” Grigorenko couldn’t make it to the USA bootcamp from Russia because he didn’t get a visa. Currently, Russian citizens are having trouble obtaining a visa to the United States because of the current situation.

Evil Geniuses haven’t announced any replacements in the roster yet, but if MSS announced their team search, it’s safe to say that Arif probably won’t play in EG’s roster permanently. It’s possible that MSS will move to one of the European clubs.

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