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Gamers Without Borders 2022: Tundra Esports vs Nigma Galaxy Prediction

06.05.2022, 13:50
2022Saudi Arabia
$6,000,000Prize Pool
2nd Place
3rd Place

Tundra Esports and nominal outsiders of the tournament Nigma Galaxy will meet in the Western and Eastern Europe Playoffs upper bracket final of the Gamers Without Borders 2022 regional online event.

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Tundra Esports defeated Team Liquid in Bo3 with a score of 2:0 without any apparent problems. On the first map, passive draft and trite damage deficit did not allow Team Liquid to resist.

And on the second map, “the liquid ones” could not implement the winning lanes and MATUMBAMAN’s excellent farm, Tundra Esports took the Aegis, smoked and killed the enemy Sven on mid. This allowed Tundra to seize the initiative and not let it go until the end of the game. They won back 12 thousand of gold advantage.

And Nigma Galaxy sensationally defeated the silver medalists of the European DPC season – Gaimin Gladiators. Kuroky’s team still hasn’t found a full-fledged replacement for the departed ILTW, so the team is still playing with their coach rmN.

So Nigma played their old tricks, focusing on Miracle. On the first map, Kuro smartly closed the opponent with Medusa, Gladiators could not find the keys to the opponent’s defense, so Amer al Barkawi just farmed his items and finished the game.

Nigma Galaxy. Miracle

In the second game, Nigma again bet on Medusa, but this time they lost, Antimage from DurachYO smashed his opponents. The lane swap did not help to hide Medusa: Ace defeated his lane’s vis-a-vis, and after a bad line for Miracle, there was simply no chance for Nigma to win.

The third map became a benefit of rmN and Mind_Control. Yes, yes, you heard right, despite Miracle’s KDA 35, it was his midlaner and offlaner that turned the whole early game, which allowed Miracle to farm freely all the necessary items.

Tundra Esports

TundraUnited Kingdom
1Draw streak
23%30 d. winrate

Tundra Esports can rightfully be considered the most stable team in the Western Europe region. Even despite the FATA kick, they did not lose their shape and were able to build the perfect balance of their team.

The whole Tundra Esports game is based on two cornerstones. The first is the widest 33’s hero pool, he can play both on meta heroes like Visage, Beastmaster, both on something completely forgotten, but still demanding microcontrol and perfect understanding of the game, like: Broodmother, Chen offlane, Brewmaster or Lone Druid.

And the second is completely unpredictable heroes that Nine likes to play. Absolutely ordinary midlane heroes like Storm Spirit and Leshrac are mixed with core Keeper of the Light, or how would you like Jakiro with Ethereal Blade or Snapfire?

Tundra Esports. Nine

Such versatility unties Sneyking’s hands during the draft and allows Tundra to dictate their conditions for the game. DyrachYO is a typical carry with high-level of execution, he loves brawler strength heroes, but at the same time he prefers to farm for some time and engage in battle in the later stages of the game.

The ideal scenario of the game for them is presented in this way: Saksa, having an active support, relocates to mid just in time for the first power runes, leaving 33 alone for free experience. After 10-15 minutes of the game and the appearance of the first serious items on Nine, he with Saksa and Sneyking constantly go to the enemy half of the map in smokes, in search of easy kills on the opponent’s bark and early fights.

At this time, 33 continues to draw the opponent’s attention to his hardlane and push the T1 tower. After he breaks the tower, he joins his team’s main strike force. DyrachYO is turned on by the very last to appear in the fight, as a decisive force, which finally outweighs the scales in their favor.

In general, stable and completely independent combat units of the team allow the team not to get hung up on the lane stage and gives them the opportunity to make a comeback in the later stages of the game.

Nigma Galaxy

Nigma GalaxyEU
1Lose streak
50%30 d. winrate

Kuroky’s team is going through hard times. A decent result at Gamers Galaxy gave fans hopes for a successful performance during the DPC season. But the reality was far from the expectations of the team’s fans.

After finishing the season with only one victory over Team Secret, the Nigma Galaxy team took the 7th place in the first division and was relegated to the second division for the next season. So the team parted ways with the young star of the collective – ILTW.

The team is constantly looking for a worthy replacement. In such turbulent times, Kuroky’s team has returned to the strategy they have been playing for more than 5 years.

The main star of the team and the legend of the world Dota 2 pro scene – Amer al Barkawi is not in his best shape and has not been among the top most effective mid players for a long time, but from time to time he can still give an extraordinary performance.

Nigma Galaxy. KuroKy

After leaving ILTW, Miracle switched back to the carry position. So recently, his hero pool consists of passive hard carries: Naga Siren and Medusa. However, this is the main weakness of the Nigma’s drafts, because now Miracle is the only real core hero of the team, which means that his hero must have the potential to win games alone.

That is, the team returns to the classic 4+1 game. And it is not always possible to implement this in modern meta, because it is enough to simply spoil the Miracle lane and the team will not have any heroes left, because often active heroes are chosen for rmN who are of little use in the late game, and MinD_ContRoL is playing more and more on initiators with mass ultimates.

So, the main idea of the Nigma Galaxy is strong lanes and a draft for massive fights. The ideal scenario for them is the third first map of the match against Gaimin Gladiators.

Miracle did not appear in the game for a good 20 minutes of the game, while the vibrant draft of his team imposed fights on the opponent, simply not giving him the opportunity to get to their carry. Their opponent was even able to take the Aegis, but they failed to transform it into the destroyed towers.

After 20 minutes of farming, Miracle came out of the jungle and helped the team repel attacks, getting a solid boost Medusa became almost immortal, which means the main win condition of the team was fulfilled.

Tundra Esports vs Nigma Galaxy match prediction

2TundraUnited Kingdom

Considering the format of the tournament and its charity reasons, it is difficult to predict the outcome of the match between these two teams. Most likely, three maps are waiting for us. It doesn’t look like any of the teams are going to give up. Take a look at our Dota 2 betting guide if you want to find out how to bet on Dota 2 effectively.

Tundra Esports has a better understanding of meta, which they demonstrated during the season, and absolute freedom in choosing heroes. Nigma Galaxy can surprise and win the draft. In this case, everything will be decided on the lane stage.

Tundra Esports has examined the opponent’s drafts very carefully and will try to focus their attention on the Miracle heroes’ bans and also put pressure on the opponent’s lanes in early game. Nigma Galaxy knows that the enemy is superior to them in almost all respects, except probably experience.

So the Kuroky team will most likely prefer the lastpick, this is one of the few aces up in their sleeves. A separate battle during the draft will unfold for Io and Keeper of the Light, as both teams have a set of strategies with these heroes and excellent performers on these heroes.

Tundra Esports. 33

So in order to have chances against Tundra, Nigma will need to win at least two of the three lanes. And the most important thing is to win safelane, which will be difficult, because 33 rarely gives his enemies a rest on the lane.

On mid, the young German player Nine will not leave a chance to his compatriot, so the role of rmN will again be reduced to a high-class distraction. MinD_ContRoL’s hero can become the missing core hero for Nigma, because the signature Nature’s Prophet can still be a surprise for the enemy.

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However, there is still no chance for a tactical maneuver to win a long Bo3 for Team Nigma. The match will be played already on the new patch 7.31c, but the gameplay changes are insignificant, so this will not play a serious role in the fate of the match. So Tundra Esports can be considered unambiguous favorites of the match.

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