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Community Creator Spotlight: CoachCurtis

With the new season dropping today, the grind to the challenger is officially resumed by the millions of players. For sure, not all these millions would ever get this far – especially since each server has only 200 slots at the very top. Still, the dream lives on.

Climbing sky-high takes commitment, hard work, and talent. The unfortunate truth is that you need all three to reach Challenger. Wait, actually, all four, because I forgot one: knowledge. Thankfully, we have the best way to obtain all the info we need – by learning from the very best. So, meet CoachCurtis!


Formerly a midlaner and then the head coach for team Dire Wolves, Curtis ‘Curtis’ Morgan is a phenomenal League of Legends player, placing at the very highest ranks of Challenger for 5 years in a row now. His background in professional coaching on the highest level is the reason for his content being very in-depth and educational, as well as accessible to players of all skill levels.

Previously known as Sharp during his days as the top- and midlaner for Dire Wolves, he embraced his passion for teaching, taking up the alias of CoachCurtis, and launching a prolific YouTube channel for midlane coaching – and not only! A word of caution, though – Curtis’s videos are so in depth that you better stock up on food and supplies before opening up one of those.

Being a professional midlaner and a coach definitely has its benefits. And, since Dire Wolves was the best OCE team with CoachCurtis (going as just Curtis back then) at the helm, Curtis’s authority as a coach is undeniable. After all, if you can coach the best, you can coach the rest, right?

Dire Wolves

Founded in 2014 by Nathan “Rippii” Mott, Dire Wolves is an Australian-based League of Legends team. Competing in the Oceania region, the team made their name known with their 2017-2018 run, finishing first across the years OPL Seasons both in play-offs and splits, as well as qualifying for both the World Championship and Mid-Season Invitational for two years in a row.

Dire WolvesAustralia
2Lose streak
-30 d. winrate

Although most of Curtis’s content is created through the midlaner’s point of view, the content is valuable for literally any role in the game. Ranging from outside of game factors like correct mindset and time management, to absolute fundamentals like vision and wave management, and finally in-depth guides about certain champions or matchups, there is something everyone can learn in CoachCurtis’s channel. Even if the champion you don’t play gets covered, watch the guide – knowing how to play a champion also means knowing how to beat it.

It’s hard to overstate the variety and sheer completeness of CoachCurtis’s content. Since his content is really popular among the western player base, CoachCurtis is most known for his Midlane Academy project – and that’s a pretty telling name, isn’t it? However, his expertise doesn’t end on just the midlane. As Curtis’s professional career required him to work with and help professional players before high-stakes competitions, I’d dare say he knows a thing or two about the psychology of competitions.

While most of the players will probably never have to worry about the correct mindset coming into their LCS match, you’d be surprised how much the psychological tips aimed at athletes apply to the average Solo Queue game. If you intend to climb far, the most important thing to work on in the beginning is not your mechanical plays or map awareness – it is your mindset. And CoachCurtis has you covered with plenty of tips and practices just for that!

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