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Anyone over 18 years old can publish tips on esports matches and earn our virtual points which can be exchanged for prizes (skins). Access to the publication or viewing predictions is free for all visitors.

How to start playing and win prizes

1. Register and choose a prize

After registering on your profile page you have to choose a prize for which you want to collect points (you can change the item at any time, if you want). After that, you'll be able to make your predictions.

2. Make your prediction on the match

Go to the page of the scheduled match with enabled predictions (there are numbers with "+" signs and no icon) and click on the button with the team which in your opinion will win the match. The button will indicate the number of points you can get if you win. Note that it is impossible to remove or alter your prediction.

3. Follow results in quick menu

In the upper right corner of the screen you can see the number of active tips. Clicking on this button will open a menu with quick access to all your predictions and their results.

4. Complete tasks to get bonus points

You can also find the Progress page in your profile where you can see the conditions for each achievement and the amount of bonus points you can get for doing it. Complete all tasks to quickly unlock the most valuable prizes.

5. Exchange points for prizes

As soon as you have enough points for the selected prize, a withdrawal button will appear next to the prize to allow you to request the transfer of the item to your Steam account.

How points are calculated

  • Results are automatically calculated within minutes after receiving the match score;
  • The result appears on your account page (profile);
  • If your prediction is correct, the number of points is added to your balance, which was indicated on the match page when you published it. A positive result is shown in green, for example ;
  • If your prediction was a mismatch, you will get points deducted from your balance, but your total balance will never be lower than zero;
  • If you score a draw, points will be deducted from your total balance.

Trophy points exchange

  • You MUST fill your Steam friend code on your account page and add us to friends on Steam. The code of our Steam account will be specified in the settings of your account;
  • As soon as you have enough points for a skin, you will see a "Get" button to request a skin transfer, and your account will be charged accordingly;
  • If you set your Steam friend code, you will receive a skin transfer to your account within 14 days;
  • You do not need to wait 14 days to choose a new prize. You can start collecting points for the new trophy as soon as you request the exchange.

Benefits and referral program

  • Every user can find a unique promo code in their profile. Use it to invite friends to register on the website;
  • If someone signs up with your promo code, they will get 500 points right away;
  • As a referrer, you will get 2% of all points earned by your referral without time limits (lifetime payout);
  • If a referral makes wrong predictions, negative deductions are not taken from your balance, i.e. you will get 2% from successful referral's predictions only.

Other important rules

  • Only registered users can add their predictions;
  • Added tips cannot be deleted or changed;
  • To get access to the most valuable items, you need to spend a certain amount of points to unlock them. Locked prizes are shown in red, and their availability is shown above the red box;
  • Predictions can be placed only on the scheduled matches. If the match is live, then the opportunity to bet will be blocked;
  • User can only post one prediction per match;
  • User can post any number of tips which is only limited by the amount of matches available for predictions;
  • It is forbidden to create fake accounts for the purpose of accumulating points; if a user is detected using such manipulation, all accounts will be deleted without saving any progress.

Attitude towards Russian users

Due to the war of the Russian occupiers in Ukraine and the silent support of their insane government by the majority of the population, we will stop any payments of prizes to users from Russia.

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