Any person aged 18 and over can publish tips on esports matches to earn our virtual points that can be converted to trophies (CS:GO and Dota 2 skins). Website user can publish tips for free.

How to place your tip

  1. Only registered users can publish their tips (Sign Up).
  2. Select prize on account settings page.
  3. Enter the match page. Choose your predicted winner by clicking on button with plus and numbers. Note: if you didn’t select trophy tips would be blocked.
  4. It is impossible to delete or edit the published prediction.
  5. The number of points you get after the match is over can be found on the your account profile.
  6. Users can publish predictions only for planned (upcoming) esports matches. In case the match is live or it started while you’d been writing a tip, you won’t be able to publish your prediction.
  7. The user can add only one prediction per every match.
  8. The number of predictions the user can write per day is unlimited.

Get points

  1. Tips results are processed automatically within several minutes after the final match score becomes known.
  2. For the user’s comfort, the result will be visible in their personal profile and match page. If the published tip was correct, the user earns the appropriate quantity of points added to the account balance.
  3. The number of points varies from one match to the other and can be found on the appropriate match page.
  4. If the prediction was wrong, the user loses 100 points. The overall balance can’t fall below zero.
  5. If the match ended up in a draw, the user loses 50 points.

Convert points into trophies

  1. To be able get skins you need to fill your Steam’s Friend Code and add us to friends on Steam. You can find more details on the account page.
  2. When you will have got required points amount you will see a “get” button. After you will have clicked on it you will send skin transfer request to your Steam account. Note: the trophy will be transferred to your within 10 days.
  3. After the trophy transfer request sent, required points amount would debited from the your account. So you can select next prize and you would collect points again.

Bonuses and Referral Program

  1. Every user can find a unique PROMOCODE in their profile. Use it to invite friends to register on the website.
  2. When someone enters your PROMOCODE during the registration, they get 500 points on the balance at once.
  3. As a referrer, you will get 2% of all points earned by your referral without time limits (lifetime payout).
  4. In case a referral makes wrong predictions, you won’t lose your Coins. This means, you get 2% only from successful tips made by the user you referred.
  5. FORBIDDEN to create fake accounts to earn points. If this fact is detected, your account points will have reset to zero and all fake accounts would be cleaned. On a second occasion, your account will be banned.