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Nexus vs The Prodigies Sweden 26.05.2023 – Betting Predictions

10:09Finished at 12:102 tips26.05.2023
2 Nexus Romania
BO3 Match, CCT North Europe Series #5 - Closed Qualifier Group C


Experts 100%
Experts 0%

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The Prodigies Sweden
No Tips
M4A4 | Asiimov (Battle-Scarred) | CS:GO Points: 21000
PP-Bizon | Bamboo Print (Field-Tested) | CS:GO Points: 3500
Tec-9 | Bamboo Forest (Factory New) | CS:GO Points: 7400
Get Started Active Tipsters: 10636

Teams analysis

The Prodigies Sweden
371K Points 4K
0 Win streak 1
50% 30 d. winrate 47%
0 Tips 0

Predictions for Nexus vs The Prodigies Sweden on 26.05.2023

On 26.05.2023, Nexus played against The Prodigies Sweden in the CS:GO match. The Tips.GG team collected 2 expert predictions from various related sources on the web, as well as 0 picks from site users.

Experts gave Nexus a chance to win at 100%, including tipsters such as Jiber, feedinco. At the same time, Tips.GG users did not predict the victory of Nexus. The experts votes passed as the team won.

Neither experts nor website users predicted the victory of The Prodigies Sweden and there was not a single vote for this team. As a result, team lost.

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