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Fnatic vs Hokori – 26.09.2022

11:16Match finished at 13:2326.09.2022
1 Fnatic Malaysia
1 Hokori Peru
BO2 Match, Group Stage
Southeast Asia

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Fnatic will play against Hokori in the BTS Pro Series Season 12 tournament with a prize pool of $80,000! I will evaluate the chances of these teams and make a bet, let's analyze!

As always the format of the BTS Pro Series Season in the group stage is the best of 2, at first glance is not the most convenient format for betting, but in this particular match, I expect an easy walk for the team Fnatic. Hokori is actually a very good team, they made it to the main tournament of the season The International, and they beat any opponent in their region, but today they will have to play against a very difficult team, Fnatic due to their chemistry and experience can easily defeat their opponent. Teams like Hokori can surprise at any tournament, we remember perfectly the previous Major, where the South American teams beat the favorites of the meetings, we see they understood that they have nothing to lose and just played for fun. Teams that have passed in The International decided to maintain their form in the BTS Pro Series Season, so they are preparing for the main tournament of the season, but the success of Hokori in this tournament leave much to be desired and this is a fact. At the moment, Hokori has one defeat in the tournament BTS Pro Series Season, they lost to the team BOOM Esports with a score of 2-0, they have not shown anything and lost on absolutely all fronts. In the match against Fnatic will be a similar situation, I do not think that in a short time they had time to change something in their game, Fnatic certainly watched their last game and know exactly what to expect. Now let's chat about Fnatic!

Fnatic also made it to The International, and as part of BTS Pro Series Season 12, they are showing a flawless game that pleases absolutely every fan. They currently have two straight 2-0 wins to their credit, with Fnatic easily taking down teams like Lilgun and TnC Predator. Yes, the opponents are at a similar level to themselves, but Fnatic still managed to show a good game and took their opponents seriously, I have not seen from them a bad attitude in these matches, everything was done quickly and beautifully, for this you can give them credit. They have to close the match against Hokori with a score of 2-0, you can even bet on the exact score, the odds are more or less nice, it's easy to put this event into some express and not to worry too much. Live odds probably won't be, too different level of the teams and we understand this very well. Fnatic win through team and individual performance, they will take their heroes and just do not feel their opponent, the game should be easy. Good Luck everyone!

Fnatic will win this match with a score of 2-0, I recommend you bet on this outcome.

Teams analysis

5.51M Points 3.13M
0 Win streak 1
67% 30 d. winrate 25%
4 Tips 0

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Who won?

Draw with score 1 : 1.

Date, Time and Location

11:16, 26.09.2022, on Monday. Online Match: Southeast Asia.


BTS Pro Season 12 Southeast Asia 2022, Group Stage. Dota 2 Minor championship.

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