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EGN Esports vs Heracles Gaming – 29.09.2022

19:08Match finished at 19:4929.09.2022
0 EGN Esports Portugal
1 Heracles Gaming Portugal
BO1 Match, Regular Season

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EGN Esports
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Heracles Gaming
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EGN Esports

Valorant Elite Championship is a Valorant B-Tier Portuguese championship organized by the companies INYGON and GOATPixel, and the tournament has an $11,000 USD prize pool, and eight (8) of the best teams in the country want to prove their skill and show which team is the best.

EGN Esports (Previously EGN STEPUP) - in 5th place on the table

 EGN Esports is now with a 1-1 record at the Valorant Elite Championship Stage #2, after losing their first match against Panthers Esports and winning the second one versus Old Times. The recently built-up team has shown off a good but inconsistent level, and it is obvious that the impact of "fainz" is saving the team at the moment.

The young Portuguese is showing off in their last two matches with almost 50 kills in two games with Jett, and an average ACS of 268.2 in the last 90 days, he is the most consistent and reliable player on the roster at the moment. We have seen this match up previously in June when the result was not positive for the Bees (EGN), but a lot of things have changed since then, starting from the addition of Rui "Akira" Barbosa and Diogo "HolyM0Ly" Peixinho as players and a change of coach too, with GuiKings joining the team. The roster may be going through an adaptation process at the moment and this might ends up with inconsistencies in their gameplay.

Heracles Gaming - in 4th place, but for how much time?

Heracles Gaming (HG) is also with a 1-1 record just like their rivals, after winning against FTW Evo and losing versus Panthers Esports. In those last two games, we can see that they have a solid 50% win rate at pistol rounds, but they struggle to put full buys in their favor. The team also crumbles sometimes at an early moment of the round, and this means that the remaining players are left in difficult and uncomfortable clutch situations.

This is an issue that they must have worked on if they want to beat EGN, and players like Miguel "az" Tavares needs to keep showing off, and delivering a good performance in this kind of difficult situation, where he has demonstrated strong and consistent gameplay with his multi-kill rounds. This match will be a really exciting one to see, as the result will be impactful on the table, where if Heracles Gaming wins, secures the 4th place, but if they lose, EGN will take their position on the table.

My Prediction - EGN will win

After making an analysis of both teams, I would predict that even tho EGN is adapting its gameplay with the new team and staff members, they are still stronger in eco rounds and more consistent in full buy rounds. EGN wins.

Teams analysis

EGN Esports
Heracles Gaming
550 Points 550
1 Win streak 0
33% 30 d. winrate 44%
0 Tips 0

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20:15 20.09.2022

Who won?

Heracles Gaming beat EGN Esports with score 1 : 0.

Date, Time and Location

19:08, 29.09.2022, on Thursday. Online Match: Portugal.


Valorant Elite Championship Stage #2, Regular Season. Valorant Minor championship.

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