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CSGO Gambling Guide: Best CS:GO Gambling Sites 2023

20.09.2022, 06:21

Here, we have prepared a detailed article for Counter-Strike lovers that looking for a gambling site where they can play different CSGO casino games. We will tell you about the most popular and trusted CSGO gambling sites. Receive some vital advice that will help to choose a gambling site in 2023.

Most popular skin gambling sites in 2023

Here, we will make a list of the sites where any CSGO lover can play some casino games using CSGO skins.



Gamdom is a viral CSGO casino website where you can claim a 15% rakeback as a new customer. Among the many cool games, new customers can play using skins or crypto payments are crash gambling, roulette, and HiLo.



CSGOFast is one of the most popular gambling sites where you can pay with CS:GO skins and several other payment methods. Numerous casino games are available there. These are crash gambling, roulette, HiLo, baccarat, Poggi, etc.



CSGORoll is the most progressive gambling site that have been founded in 2015. There you can trade skins, play CSGO crash game, roulette, etc. New members may get a 5% first deposit bonus and 3 free boxes. Skins withdrawal is also a very attractive option for CSGO gambling lovers.



CSGOEmpire is another trusted and legal gambling site where you can use skins to try out some luck. Roulette, match betting, and coin flip are available to play there. Customers may use CSGO weapon skins or other familiar payment methods like VISA and cryptocurrencies.



It is one of the oldest existing Counter Strike Global Offensive gambling services. Hellcase provides some regular CSGO skin gambling features alongside numerous case-opening options. Contracts, upgrade, and case battles are also waiting can be found there. A free bonus code of 0,40$ can be claimed by new members who enter a referral code.



It is a small betting site that is mainly focused on CS:GO casino games like crash, slot games, coinflip, CSGO dice, etc. But CSGO gamblers may also try out CSGOPolygon betting services there depositing skins or crypto.



DuelBits is one of the biggest players in the CSGO online gambling industry in 2023. In game skins and crypto withdrawal options can be used in this CSGO crypto casino. Slots, Blackjack, dice, crash game, etc. are available to play using CSGO skins.



WTFSkins is a CS:GO gambling site with skin withdrawal options. You may use both CS:GO and Dota 2 skins as payment methods. Crash game, roulette, jackpot, cases, etc. are part of WTFSkins awesome functional. There are 2 different methods to play on the website:

  • By using gems;
  • By using skins.

Punters can use gems to buy CSGO skins and withdraw them instantly.



Knifex CS:GO gambling site allows customers to play casino games using their CSGO skins. These games are crash, coin flip, clash, dice, etc. It is one of the most trusted and safe CSGO gambling sites that a bettor may find. Deposit skins and withdraw winnings in a few moments with Knifex using any appropriate method including skins and crypto!



FarmSkins isn't the best CSGO gambling site. It is mainly oriented toward case opening but you can still find some of the CSGO gambling options there. Register using a steam account and deposit CS:GO skins instantly!

What is CS:GO Gambling?

AWP Dragon Lore

CS:GO offers a great variety of expensive skins with different styles and patterns. Image credit: Valve

If you are still curious about what CSGO gambling is and why is it different from typical online casino sites - here is a simple answer. CSGO gambling is the same as a familiar casino but with 1 main difference. Gamblers can also use in game skins to deposit and bet them on games like crash, roulette, dice, battles, etc. Sometimes new gambling sites ask to convert skins into some kind of wallet (it can be gems, diamonds, or anything else). When the gamble is finished - you can convert this wallet into skins and withdraw them instantly. Sometimes punters may be asked to use a third-party marketplace. With a help of them, a customer can simply trade gems, diamonds, or coins for different skins and withdraw them to their CSGO account.

One more thing to mention is that CSGO gambling sites usually have special design peculiarities involving Global Offensive features. It means CSGO gambling sites don't look like familiar online casinos. The design is always unique and made for CSGO lovers. These sites can also provide case opening and CSGO betting privileges alongside casino games.

Difference between CSGO Gambling and CSGO Betting

There is a pretty huge difference between gambling and betting. CSGO betting is like normal sports betting but with 1 peculiarity - players can only bet on Counter-Strike events, tournaments, and matches using skins or money. CSGO gambling is very similar to an online casino but risk-takers can also use the skins as a payment method. There is a huge number of different games to play like in real online casinos (roulette, crash, slots, etc.). Even play Baccarat or Poker options are available on particular sites with CSGO skins.

It means CSGO live betting and CSGO gambling is completely different things from sports betting and online casino. But usually, CSGO gambling sites also provide betting opportunities. In the list that we have attached above, you won't find bad sites, only good ones. If you both want to gamble and bet on CS:GO - it is described in the list that can always be examined.

CSGO Gambling Types and Game Modes

Most CSGO gambling sites are trying to complement several CS:GO gambling games as much as possible. That is why every time a customer is visiting a gambling site - he may find a new casino game. But there is a list of game modes that have always been popular among CSGO fans. Below are located all of these widespread gambling types that we have explained in detail.

CSGO Case Opening Case opening is well-known to almost every CS:GO player. The meaning of case opening is pretty simple. A gambler is paying with his money for a case to open where different CSGO skins are lying. The skins can be either cheaper or more expensive than the case cost. Players can open cases using steam in CS:GO. But the chance of having something good there is very low. That is why gambling sites often implement case-opening options on their sites. The choice is usually extremely extensive. Hundreds of different cases for any budget are available to open for every customer. And the chances of winning something good are much higher than in steam.
Case Battles Case battles are also very popular on CS:GO betting sites. Case battles are based on case openings. But there is 1 thing that differs them a lot. A gambler is competing with another player. They are both opening the same case, and the one that has better skin - takes everything. The one who has cheaper weapon skin in case - loses. The other one - takes everything from 2 CSGO cases.
CSGO Match Betting Match betting is not a CSGO gambling game. It is more of an esports betting as we have already described. Choose a CSGO event, pick an outcome, and wager on money or skins. If the prediction is right - the money will be multiplied by the odds a customer has picked. Or a player will get a more expensive skin. Before betting on a website, check if the CSGO odds are high enough for you.
CSGO Coinflip Coinflip is also a casino game where 2 gamblers are involved. 2 customers bet their skins on heads or tails, and the one who wins - takes everything. The chances are 50/50 which means a CSGO gambling site is not taking any benefit from their customers, and both players have equal chances. So, if you prefer CS GO 1v1 gambling - coinflip is a great option!
CSGO Crash Among the CSGO gambling games, the crash is one of the most popular ones. CS:GO Crash gambling is a breathtaking type of CSGO gambling mode that can be very beneficial for a customer if he has enough patience. It is also one of the riskiest games where a player shouldn't be too greedy. CSGO crash is when a gambler places a bet on a rising graph that showed a multiplier. When every gambler places their bets - the scale is beginning to grow quickly. If the profit is enough for the player - he clicks on the "Cash Out" button. The scale is the multiplier by which the bet will be increased. If the money was cashed out before it crashed - a customer wins and grabs the money. Wait as much as you want. The multiplier can even be 1000. But if a risktaker is waiting for too long and the scale crashes before he cashes out - all the money or skins are lost. CSGO crash is presented on most gambling sites and can have different funny designs and animations, but the point is the same everywhere. The main rule of success is to be patient and not too greedy. A plunger can either win a lot of money using crash games or lose everything that he has. One more interesting feature is that if a player doesn't have much money or expensive skins and wants to increase his capital in a limited time - he can try to catch a high coefficient in a crash and top up his stake up to 1000 times! If you want to have more tips - check out CSGO bet Reddit!
CSGO Roulette Best CSGO gambling sites also add roulette as a gambling mode on their website. All the big sites have implemented roulette games where a punter can bet skins. The point of the game is the same as usual roulette. A gambler can put his skin on red, black, or green. The stake is multiplying by 2 if the pick is red or black and the ball is on these red or black fields. If the prediction is incorrect - a gambler loses the money. You can also wager on green (there is only one green field on a roulette - 0), and if the ball is on 0 field, the skin is going to be upgraded by 14 in cost.

How to Choose the Best CSGO gambling site?

Choosing an appropriate gambling site can be vital for the customers' safety. You have to pay attention to a bunch of different factors like the existence of gambling licenses, the amount of CSGO casino games, and many other factors. We have united all the factors and characterized them in extreme detail!


Game selection

Choosing a website, always pay attention to the available game modes and types. If you want to experience many different CSGO casino games - see if there are such popular modes as crash, slots, dice, roulette, etc. Different sites have different game selections.

The bigger site is - the more games will be there. It means that a sophisticated gambler better chooses bigger websites with a bigger selection. But if a bettor prefers playing only crash and dice - he can choose smaller sites with a better welcome and no deposit bonuses. If you also want to bet on such popular ESL CSGO Pro Betting events - check if there is such an option on a gambling site.


Promotions & Bonus Offers

Promo codes and bonus codes let the customer play more and try out more gambling modes. It is always a pleasure to get a bigger bonus. Always check if there are any beneficial promotions that can hit up the interest and let a gambler win more money and CSGO skins.

Customer Support

Customer support

Any player can meet some problems and questions while using CSGO skin gambling sites. That is why customer support exists. It usually works quickly on the trusted and safe websites that we have mentioned higher. It is not that hard to check the efficiency of the support service on the gambling website. Write the message to customer support and see how fast they will solve arisen problem.


Gambling licenses

Safety is the most important thing that a common gambler should remember. It can be checked in a few ways. But the most widespread and familiar is by checking gaming licenses. All the sites that we have put on our list - have it. Choose any of them and play without any hesitation. If the gambling site isn't from our list - check Google and see if there are any reputable licenses (like Malta or Curacao licenses).


Payment methods

CSGO gambling sites always have an opportunity to deposit using CSGO skins. But sometimes a gambler can have a necessity to deposit using other familiar banking or crypto methods. If a customer wants to use skins as a main way of depositing and gambling - he can not be worried at all. But if you want to use banking methods like VISA/MasterCard and cryptocurrencies - always check if there is such a possibility on the website. Best CSGO gambling sites usually provide such methods.

Is CSGO Gambling Legal?

In most countries, CSGO gambling is completely legal because of the Curaçao license that they are usually using. But there are some exceptions like the USA, France, Netherlands, and a few other countries where CSGO lovers can't play on gambling sites legally.

Where to buy CSGO skins?

If you don't have CSGO skins on to play on gambling sites - don't worry. There are a few ways a bettor can choose to buy them. The first and most popular one is to do it directly from steam. But there is one more method that is more profitable. It is because of the cheaper cost of the skins. The method is called skin marketplaces. There are 3 main ones: CS.Money, Lootbear, Bitskins.

To buy skins there, just register an account, wager some money and buy skins for a cheaper price. Right after that, a punter can go to the CS:GO gambling sites and bet them on some gambling games!

CSGO Gambling Bonuses & Promotions

Gambling websites can have one, two, or even more types of promotions and bonuses for their old and new customers. Below, we have mentioned all of them and explained how it works.

No Deposit Bonuses & Free coins

It is the sweetest bonus that every punter can claim just by registering on the website. There is no need in making the deposit or even verify CS:GO gambling account. Just register, claim a no deposit bonus, or free coins, and try to earn some money without any personal risks! There you can find no deposit CSGO sites.

Free CSGO Skins

Get free weapon skins just by playing or depositing on a betting account. The conditions mainly depend on the gambling website a gambler has chosen. Free skins can sometimes be claimed after the registration to bet them on crash or play a roulette game.

CSGO betting bonus

Customers that prefer betting instead of gambling can receive a CSGO betting bonus code after the first deposit of up to 200% in some cases. Find out if the gambling site has such an option and use it!

Free Cases

Gambling sites can present free cases after your first deposit. Try out the luck for free and win some expensive skins without any waste. The amount of cases also depends on the gambling site.

Referral code

Some of the CS:GO gambling sites may have a bonus only if you have a special referral code. It is very easy to find them on the internet just by googling. The amount of such a bonus can be different.

How To Play On CSGO gambling sites

It may cause some difficulties to play on the CS:GO gambling sites for newcomers. That is why we have made a detailed guideline right down below:

  1. Find a CS:GO gambling site where you would like to play. First of all, choose one of many gambling websites according to our advice above.
  2. Register on the website. If the website is fine and there are many popular CSGO casino games - register on it. It is a very simple process that won't take more than a few minutes of your time.
  3. Claim no deposit bonus. If there is such a bonus on the site - claim it for free right after the registration.
  4. Make the first deposit. Make the first deposit using any available method. Betting CSGO skins and gambling options will be available since then.
  5. Choose a game mode. Choose the most attractive game mode that is presented on the website and click on it. It can be crash, roulette, case opening, etc.
  6. Enter the amount of money or skins. Pick some skins or coins you want to wager and start the gamble!
  7. Claim the winnings. If luck is on your side - you will win some money or skins. It is very easy to withdraw them right after it on the steam account.

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