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CSGO ESL Pro League Betting: ESL History & Betting Tips

16.09.2022, 09:53

Founded in 2015, ESL Pro League is a long-standing professional CSGO league. With ESL Pro league seasons spanning months and culminating in large international events, it's one of the most popular CSGO tournaments to bet on. As ESL Pro League Season 16 rages on (taking place from August 31st to October 2nd), don't miss out! Let's talk about everything ESL Pro League betting related: from the best esports betting platforms and best CSGO odds to participating teams and betting markets.

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ESL Pro League Overview


ESL is a massive tournament operator that includes competitions for numerous different esports titles.

Titles like Dota 2, Starcraft 2, and, most importantly, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive all saw play in the event's history. The tournament organizer, Electronic Sports League, hosts Major-tier events watched by thousands worldwide.

ESL Pro League Season 15 peaked at more than 400 000 concurrent viewers during the Grand Final. It's common for the event's prize pools to reach $1 000 000. Such engagement stats make it a popular choice for esports betting.

CSGO ESL Pro League History

What is now a premier-tier CSGO esports league represented in four regions (Europe, Americas, Asia, Oceania) started in 2014. The League has launched on a large scale thanks to a joint venture between the German Electronic Sports League (ESL) and North American E-Sports Entertainment Association League (ESEA). The very first ESL Pro League Season included just eight teams; now, it consists of 24 competitors from all over the world. The League's format is hailed as one of the best in the esports world, providing esports betting fans with ample opportunities for CSGO match betting throughout the year.

CSGO ESL Pro League Past Winners

CSGO has historically had one of the most stable esports scenes in all gaming. While the champion's cup has exchanged hands dozens of times and there's no clear "forever-champion," it's important to pay attention to the successful teams and “pro dynasties” while CSGO team betting.


What Is A “Dynasty”

In the CSGO esports ecosystem, a dynasty refers to a team that has been highly successful over more extended periods of time and multiple Major-tier events. The strict thresholds of the term are agreed upon neither by the esports analysts nor fans and are argued to this day. However, multiple teams are universally agreed upon to have formed dynasties in the past: Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic, SK Gaming, etc.

When ESL Pro League betting, paying attention to the historically well-performing teams greatly boosts your bets' accuracy. Especially to those who prefer tournament betting over ESL Pro League match betting.

Tournament Betting is a long-term format of wagering. Contrary to the standard match betting format, wagers on whole tournaments take weeks or even months to resolve, require more intricate knowledge of the esports scene, and yield greater rewards due to higher betting odds.

While going down the memory line to see who exactly won the ESL Pro League Season One isn't as important (hint: it was Fnatic), paying attention to at least five seasons back is paramount. Let's look at the champs:

Season 11 (EU) Fnatic
Season 11 (NA) Team Liquid
Season 12 (EU) Astralis
Season 12 (NA) Furia Esports
Season 13 Heroic
Season 14 Natus Vincere
Season 15 FaZe Clan

To find the currently reigning champions, it's advised to use the ESL World Ranking scoreboard.

ESL Pro League Betting Markets

Due to the League's long-standing reputation and its excitingly competitive scene, most CSGO betting sites heavily prioritize this event and provide it with massive amounts of bet markets and lines. The most common types of betting markets when it comes to ESL betting include:

Outright Winner

In Outright bets, the bettors attempt to forecast the winner of the entire ESL Pro League Season. While it sounds like a challenging prediction, usually, there are 2-3 favorites present at any given time, so getting the wager right is easier than it sounds. This type of bet features great betting odds but is resolved way slower than other types of wagers.

Match Winner/Handicap

A very straightforward type of bet where players attempt to predict an outcome of an ESL match. Handicap is just like Match Winner, but the underdog team gets a certain virtual bonus towards victory. For instance, in a BO3 match, the weaker team will have to win just one map to be considered the winner of a Handicap bet by the esports bookmaker.

Live Game

Live Betting on ESL Pro League Season 16

ESL League is an excellent chance to engage in CSGO live betting. The importance of the event makes its inclusion a must for most esports bet sites. Combined with ESL's high production value, it makes live betting on different special bets markets a popular choice with good betting odds.

Score Bet

ESL Pro League presents a great chance for bettors to wager on individual player stats. Since the League has dozens of high-class, long-time recognizable great pros, wagers on players' stats like HS%, ADR, and scoreboard are commonplace. Additionally, the players place wagers on correct score totals.

Prop Bet

In addition to the common bets mentioned above, the top betting sites often allow for placing these special bets on ESL Pro League events. Prop bets are bets on things that do not necessarily affect the outcome of a match: for instance, it's things like knife kills or even silly bet markets like chicken kills. The availability of such special bets depends on the betting site.

ESL Betting Guide

While the avid fans of CSGO's competitive might remember all the details regarding wagering on ESL Pro League events, it may be challenging for newcomers. Worry not: here's a quick reminder on how to maximize your bets' accuracy. Even veteran bettors might find this quick cheat sheet helpful!

Choose The Best Bet Sites

We have prepared a wide selection of the best bookmakers for placing wagers on ESL Pro League. Our team has thoroughly reviewed all the bookies that made it to the final list. Not only they're reputable and safe, but they also offer the best CSGO odds and esports lines. You can use our CSGO betting promo codes for outstanding bonuses (like deposit bonus or free bet) on most of them, too!

Research The Best Teams

FaZe Winning ESL Pro League

While it may be appealing to bet on your favourite team, sometimes it's necessary to replace passion with calculations - especially when CSGO betting with real money. Pay a lot of attention to teams' recent performance and roster swaps - it can be a difference between a guess and an informed bet. ESL World Rankings is a great way to know which teams dominate the event.

Know The Tournament Format

ESL League features an extremely exciting format that keeps things competitive every second. However, it may also complicate things a bit if you're coming from another esports like League of Legends, where best-of-3 matches are not as common. This format makes outright bets more accessible.

Know Your Limits

This part isn't bound just to ESL Pro League betting - it's universal. But it's still essential: set clear limits to your betting. With upsets being commonplace in the esports world, even the most accurate of bettors are bound to get things wrong from time to time. Therefore, never bet more than you can afford to lose!

ESL Pro League Resources

As we have already established, research is the key to accurate ESL betting on any pro league match. While researching the best bookies with the best esports odds and esports market is one side of the coin - one that we have already done for you - you still need to keep up with the esports scene yourself.

Thankfully, there are plenty of resources that make it extremely simple. Let's go over some of the most prominent examples that make this research quick and - most importantly - enjoyable.

TIPS.GG Stats And Predictions

Our website features a wide selection of informative short articles researching the strengths and weaknesses of the teams that participate in the ESL Pro League. Done by huge fans of esports and online gaming in general, these are all rather accurate.

In 185 d.
ESL Pro League Season 17
Teams: 24
In 55 d.
ESL Pro League Conference Season 17
Teams: 16
Left 4 d.
ESL Pro League Season 16
2022, 4 days
ESL Pro League Conference Season 16

If you prefer cold, hard stats over someone's informed opinion, we also offer these. TIPS.GG hosts a wide array of different essential pro player stats. Knowing if a player is a rising talent or in a slump can do wonders when placing bets. It can even be pretty helpful for fantasy betting - which is the preferred type of CSGO betting in the US.

Outside ResourcesCS:GO Reddit

Discussing player stats can't be done without mentioning - a massive CSGO platform hosting numerous graphs, articles, and interviews all about the player and team performance. It's an invaluable tool when doing this kind of research.

Liquipedia is a vast encyclopedia that condenses all the available info about teams, tournaments, and players into an easy-to-navigate package. Perfect for keeping up with tournament dates, grand final formats, and roster moves.

Online communities like CSGO Subreddits are perfect for scouting for huge news and unexpected leaks. Some of the communities on Reddit are dedicated to finding bookies with the best betting odds and the largest esports markets.

It's worth paying attention to Twitter as this information is sometimes posted by players or organizations.

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