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The new season of DOTA Dragon's Blood is close: a new poster has appeared

21.12.2021, 00:17

Community man associated with Valve Wykrhm Reddy posted a new poster with the anime DOTA: Dragon’s Blood on his Twitter. The new season of the anime series is due out in January. The new season will tell us about the continuing story of Davion the Dragon Knight.

On the poster, we can see Davion, who is shown close-up. Judging by his face, he is ready for battle. Also, from the old characters, we can recognize Princess of the Moon Mirana, Kaden, Luna, and the longtime favorite Marci.

Also, the poster teaser gives us a few new characters. It features characters that look like Brewmaster’s Storm Spirit and Fire Spirit.

The poster also depicts a castle, where Invoker appears to live, and dragonflies over the castle. From its looks, it could be our old familiar Slyrak, although visually, the dragon and its flames are colored blue.

The second season of DOTA Dragon’s Blood from Netflix Animation and Studio Mir is set to premiere in January 2022 on the streaming service Netflix.

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