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Tactical Recap of Team Spirit vs FURIA - Quarterfinals of PGL Major Antwerp

20.05.2022, 03:45

The clash of the two dragons. The explosive CIS underdogs have taken yet another scalp with them on what could be their way out of Antwerp. They are about to go head-to-head with FaZe Clan themselves, and the CIS team’s chances are looking very bleak.

PGL Antwerp 2022Belgium, Antwerp, Antwerps Sportpaleis
$1,000,000Prize Pool
FaZe Clan
Natus Vincere
2nd Place
3rd Place

Well, that’s what we said in every other Team Spirit matchup, didn’t we? And still, they went 3-0 in the Legends Stage. Here is yet another dominant display from the Russian dark horses. This time, they have broken thousands of Brazilian hearts by eliminating the only SA team to have reached the Playoffs.

FURIA must be kicking themselves right now. They lost to Gambit in Stockholm in the Quarterfinals as well, and they were definitely hoping to go one better this time around.

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So how did Team Spirit two-ohh the greatest Brazilian team right now? Here’s what happened.

Team Spirit vs FURIA – The Brazilians are the Latest Victim


The match started on FURIA’s scary map pick of Vertigo. FURIA have blown teams off on this map, they have disbanded rosters on Vertigo. And for Spirit to come on FURIA’s playground and defeat them there was an instant shock.

Spirit have been going from strengths to strengths ever since the Major started. We have seen chopper evolving this team as he sees fit on the fly, and as Patsi revealed, this roster has been working hard for the past 6 months without a single day off.

The Spirit we saw against CPH Flames in the Legends’ Stage and the one we saw here on FURIA is so different. The CIS team keeps on improving, and they are gaining fans and support every single second here in Antwerp.

Spirit quickly won the mind game over FURIA by choosing to start on the T side. Their aggression and their chaotic violence (the B split on Round 9 made me laugh) threw FURIA off-guard.

FURIA had some tricks up their sleeve as well. They played saffee on the rifle instead of the AWP. I don’t have a deep enough understanding of CS:GO to decipher what arT exactly saw in Spirit to make this change, but it did its part since saffee was the main guy to keep FURIA alive until the very end. His aggressive stances and off-angles made life very difficult for the Russians, but they did come through on the high-rise skyscraper.

Spirit lost the T-sided first half 7-8, but then put up a great defense to win the map 16-12. That’s crazy because people fear the Brazilians’ wrath on Vertigo T Side. Spirit did not. The Russians contested key areas like Ramp every step of the way. They did not give FURIA anything for free, and s1ren was there to trade and kill anyone who dared cross him.

The teenage MVP-winner was the win condition for Spirit and has been in all these matches where Spirit were the unfavoured.

The second map wasn’t too different. The explosiveness of these youngsters made them the heroes of the day. After a close first half that ended 8-7 in Spirit’s favors, they absolutely wiped the floor with FURIA in the second half. Spirit put in a near-impenetrable defense, winning the second half 8-1 to send the Brazilians packing. There were no superstars here. Everyone had kills between 15 and 18. It was a perfect game and it’s time we stop getting surprised by the Russians and acknowledge their brilliance instead.

The inexperienced youngsters did not crumble in front of the crowd. They played the crowd, instead. Getting up and hyping the fans, playing with the cameraman… it was a treat to watch the nerves of steel on these boys. They were having the time of their lives on that stage, and I see another huge force gurgling and rising in CIS.

Watch your backs, Cloud9. You might just get dethroned as the Number 2 of the East.

The high-flying dark unicorns will now face another crowd manipulator and the masters of emotions in karrigan and FaZe Clan, and it’s a match I can’t wait for enough!

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